How does CBDPure’s quality and value measure up?

CBD is all over the internet right now, and for good reason too. This incredible medical breakthrough contains healing properties that treat a wide variety of conditions, making CBD a multi-healing phenomenon.

When I first heard about CBD products I had been suffering from anxiety, stomach ulcers and a lack of sleep for years. Having never been a fan of chemical-based medication, I was all too eager to give CBD a try. Not to mention that I could actually save money by treating three health issues with one plant-based medicine! As I began to research CBD, I experimented with a number of knock-off medications posing as one hundred percent natural, that actually resulted in further health complications. It was only when I came across CBDPure that I found long lasting relief from anxiety and sleep deprivation, as well as the healing of my stomach ulcers. If you are suffering from a health issue of your own, I would highly recommend giving CBD products a whirl, so you can see for yourself the miraculous medicinal benefits.

CBDPure has improved my overall quality of life dramatically, and is a reputable source for high quality CBD products.

What is CBD? What makes good quality CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is an extract taken from the Hemp plant of the cannabis species. Just for the record, there is zero percent chance that CBD will make you high, and has been approved as “safe to consume in large doses” by the World Health Organisation. Even though full spectrum CBD contains small traces of THC (the psychoactive compound of the marijuana plant) this will not cause intoxication and is actually really good for you. The confusion comes in because most people don’t know that CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant, which has less than 0.3 percent THC in it. Hemp and Marijuana are both part of the cannabis family, but while Marijuana will definitely get you stoned, Hemp will not. In fact, CBD is literally cleared as safe to give to children above the age of 2.

The recent surge in CBD sales could easily be mistaken as another passing trend, but in fact it is the beginning of a revolutionary natural medicine that treats multiple conditions. While Cannabidiol is still in the beginning phases of scientific research, preliminary animal studies have already proven the benefits of this miraculous plant extract. CBD has been shown to promote healing in gastrointestinal conditions and to speed up recovery of tendonitis as well as fractures. In addition to its healing properties, CBD also offers effective pain relief and emotional regulation. With all that, it’s no wonder that there has been such hype and global qualitative data confirms the credibility of Cannabidiol. You have only to check out a few reviews online before your eyes pop out of your head and you decide to give the holistic medicine a try.

Before you rush off to buy a little tincture, you should know that when it comes to CBD oil, it’s essential to find high quality products from a reputable source. At the end of the day, CBD oil and CBD products are medicine and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t buy prescription drugs from just anyone, and it should be the same story for all things CBD. There are a number of sub-standard suppliers out there masquerading their products as safe and potent medicines. Unfortunately, some of the CBD you can find online (usually the cheaper ones) is actually watered down with harmful chemicals, which not only reduces the effects of the CBD, but can potentially cause health complications and actually worsen your pre-existing conditions. This is especially important in the case of gastrointestinal conditions, as chemical concoctions can significantly damage the stomach lining.

About CBDPure

CBDPure is a family-owned company, founded in 2016, with the mission to provide the purest CBD available. Their products are made up of only two natural ingredients including firstly the high quality Cannabidiol and secondly unrefined hemp oil as a base. The company does not offer THC-free isolates, as CBDPure is extracted from full-spectrum hemp without the use of chemicals. Not only did CBDPure envision offering the highest quality CBD, but they were willing to prove it with transparent third party testing too. Their 90 day money-back guarantee also speaks volumes about the company’s integrity, as do the thousands of satisfied reviews online.

A Look at CBDPure’s Quality

CBDPure is as reputable as they come, offering transparent access to their third party testing and certificate of analysis. This guarantees the quality and safety of their products, so you can purchase their products with peace of mind, knowing that the contents are one hundred percent beneficial to your body, mind and soul. CBDPure is so committed to providing exceptional quality that they offer to provide lab results for specific batches and lot numbers on request. According to the CBDPure website, they carefully regulate their products “from soil to oil” and adhere strictly to Current Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (laid out by the FDA). CBDPure extracts the CBD from verified organic industrial hemp using the non-chemical CO2 extraction method. CBDPure even tests the soil on their farms for any chemical residues or toxins. The company truly lives up to their name, and end-products are one hundred percent natural containing absolutely zero preservatives or additives.

Is CBDPure good value?

When it comes to health, quality plays a role in value. While CBDPure isn’t the cheapest CBD product around, it is the purest and offers full proof to back this up. The company also offers a 90 day money-back guarantee which pretty much confirms that it is effective. To give you a concrete idea of value for money, CBDPure offers a 60ml bottle with 600mg of CBD for $79.99, whereas CBDistillery (another reputable CBD company) offers a 30ml bottle of 600mg for $38.99. The delivery cost of CBDPure 600mg 60ml bottle would be $6.95 (within the United States) and the delivery cost of CBDistillery’s 30ml bottle would be free. Bear in mind that CBD per ml would be higher in CBDistillery’s 30ml bottle, however the purity of CBDPure is unmatched.

Is CBDPure good for your health? 

CBDPure (and all pure CBD products) are exceptionally good for the well-being of body, mind and soul. In fact, it is so good for your health that in an ideal world caring governments would distribute it to every living being. CBD has been referred to as a “wander molecule” due to its ability to regulate emotions, relieve pain and speed up the healing process of various conditions. It also promotes a healthy night’s sleep and generally reboots the entire system for optimal health. You can rely on CBDPure to support your health goals, due to the certified quality of their products.

CBDPure products

CBD Oils

CBDPure offers three full-spectrum CBD oils, available in 60 ml bottles, with either 100mg CBD, 300mg CBD or 600mg CBD. Oils are taken orally via a dropper, and can be consumed with or without food for ease of use.

CBD Soft Gels

Soft Gels are a slightly more convenient way of medicating, if you are anything like me and forget how many drops you have administered halfway through. CBDPure offers a bottle of 30 soft gels (CBDPure Softgels 750) each containing a mighty 25mg of pure CBD.

CBD Creams

CBDPure offers topical CBD for the relief of pain and inflammation. CBDPure Muscle and Joint Formula contains 60mls of 250mg full-spectrum CBD. The topical CBD can be used for effective pain relief in a number of conditions, including tendonitis and even arthritis.

CBD Pets

I am currently giving my newly adopted cat CBD, because he suffers from severe anxiety. CBDPure offers a 60ml bottle of 100mg CBD oil, that can be mixed into pet food to help your pet with pain or behavioural problems.

CBDPure dosage

CBDPure recommends an average dosage of 20mg CBD per day, yet the amount needed varies based on factors such as weight and severity of symptoms. It is advisable to start out with the recommended 20mg serving, and monitor your progress for a week. If symptoms have not improved, continue to experiment with dosage by increasing your daily dosage by 5mg each week.

Where can I buy CBDPure? Where does it ship to?

You can buy CBDPure products on their website here. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBDPure is permitted to ship their products within the United States, and also currently offers shipping to Canada and the UK.

Final verdict: Should you buy CBDPure?

I personally believe that CBDPure is one of the best CBD companies around, and have experienced the benefits of their products firsthand in terms of pain relief, gastrointestinal healing, a better night’s sleep and a calmer emotional state. If you live in the UK, Canada or the United States I would highly recommend going through CBDPure, as they are reliable and provide high quality products that work. If you are from a different country, I believe that in the near future CBDPure may branch out so it is worth keeping an eye on the shipping policies. While it is the purest company, this is not to say that the CBD content of other companies is any less beneficial, just be sure to check that the products are backed with evidence to support their claims.

Now it’s your turn

If you or anyone you know have tried CBDPure, be sure to drop a comment and inspire others to take the plunge! As we are in the early phases of scientific evidence, reviews and qualitative data are an important factor for many people looking into treating health conditions with CBD. Your story could be the one that changes a life so feel free to contribute to our growing forum.