Cannabis And Gastritis: Could CBD Be Good For The Gut?

If you are a huge fan of dairy products or love spicy food, you may encounter a problem called gastritis. These products cause the irritation in your stomach, which drives the question: Can CBD – an extract from the cannabis plant – help with gastritis? Will it reduce the discomfort that is caused by gastritis? Read on and let’s find out.

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01. What Is Gastritis? | 02. Does CBD Help Gastritis? | 03. CBD Oil And Your Stomach | 04. Best CBD Oils For Gastritis  | 05. Comments

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation, erosion of the lining of the stomach. It can occur suddenly or gradually. So it can be acute or chronic. Gastritis can be caused by irritation from the alcohol consumption, stress, use of certain medications, infections from bacteria or viruses. The symptoms of gastritis are nausea, vomiting, indigestion, abnormal bloating, vomiting blood, hiccups. Treatment for gastritis is usually comes with avoiding of hot and spicy food, as it makes the stomach lining inflamed and irritated. So having a good healthy diet is one of the best ways to get rid from gastritis. If the problem is caused by pernicious anemia, you need to take C12 vitamin shots. Also, dairy products and products with gluten can cause some irritation in your stomach, so reducing or elimination these foods from your diet will help you in order to treat gastritis.

Does CBD oil help with gastritis?

CBD is a plant-based and natural therapy that demonstrated great beneficial effects for people, who struggle with a wide range of conditions, including gastritis. Gastritis can be caused by bacterial infection. Typically, it is treated with antibiotics, antacids, histamine blockers etc. Through interaction with receptors in the digestive and immune system, CBD oil has shown to reduce the inflammation in the digestive tract, improve the gut’s immune response and help with anxiety and stress that can be caused by symptoms of gastritis. While the research around CBD’s health benefits for human bodies is still in its infancy, there are many testimonies from people who have tried to use CBD in order to treat gastritis and have seen some improvements.

CBD has a unique interaction with endocannabinoid system that improve the body’s reaction to the pain and inflammation caused by gastritis. CBD helps to boost the production of anandamide that reduces pain and inflammation. You may also use CBD in order to control your nausea that is caused by gastritis.  Furthermore, taking CBD provides indirect benefits for people that struggle with gastritis as it lets you avoid the causes of this condition. If you have gastritis that is caused by chronic nausea or painkillers, CBD can actually help here.

How does CBD affect the stomach?  

CBD has shown to be very effective in relieving the symptoms of gastritis, such as nausea and vomiting. The research states that CBD can reduce these two common symptoms of gastritis by as much as 49%. CBD can also help in improving your appetite. It will not give you a huge result, but still CBD provides a stimulation effect for some people. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid system that regulates everyday functions. Many of these functions are connected to the functioning of your stomach and gastritis. CBD helps to increase the production of anandamide that maintains the pain signals and immune cells to control the body’s response to tissue damage. And if the anandamide increases, it helps to manage the pain and inflammation. CBD enhances the work of endocannabinoid system that boosts our body functions. And by improving the tissues ability to retain anandamide, CBD helps it to control the pain and inflammation.

Could CBD cause stomach issues?  

There is limited amount of research or studies available on this topic. But CBD generally is considered to be safe and not harmful for the human body. That’s why it will not cause any stomach issues. However, you need to know that there are some side effects of CBD, which are rare, but still exist. These side effects include: diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, fatigue, dry mouth. These side effects are considered to be minor, but nausea, diarrhea and changes in appetite can be particularly relevant to people, who are struggling with gastritis. Also, there is a possibility that CBD interacts with other prescription medicine, so you should be very careful before taking CBD and check if you are not taking other medicine too. Please, discuss starting taking CBD with your doctor in order to avoid any worsening of your current health condition.

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CBD dosage guide  

Unfortunately, it is really hard to find the right dosage, as there are many factors that influence the effects of CBD. Different people react differently to CBD, so there are many possible ways your body reaction to CBD. That’s why people usually start with the lowest dose available and see how it works for them. If it doesn’t help them, they start to increase the dose and try to find what works for them. There are some CBD dose recommendations that you can find online, but usually people just try and find out from the way their body reacts to CBD. There are many different factors that influence the result of taking CBD: weight, type of CBD, the way you take it, etc. For the best and quickest result you need to take CBD oil right in the mouth, then it will get faster absorbed into the body and you will feel the result sooner.

Best CBD oils for gastritis 

Looking for the best CBD oil? Check out this list of top oils, which are currently the best on the market:

CBD oil for gastritis: final verdict

In my opinion, CBD oil is a great dietary supplement. You can take it in addition to your current treatment and I think, it will only make your treatment more effective than usual. I believe CBD is a unique natural supplement that will definitely help you to deal with the problem and overcome it faster and with less stress and anxiety. You should still consult a doctor if you’ve having problems managing gastritis, or if you plan to take CBD in conjunction with any other medication.

CBD will definitely be helpful if you struggle with anxiety or stress from gastritis, which will make your experience better. Some patients that struggle with chronic gastritis develop mood disorders because of the stress associated with having the condition. That’s why CBD with its anti-inflammation and pain-relieving properties will work for these symptoms as well. So if you feel like you are struggling with similar symptoms, you should try CBD to see how it works and if it helps you.

 Now it’s your turn

If you feel like you need some of question answered after reading this article, please feel free to write them in the comment section. I will be glad to help you out and clarify everything for you. Moreover, if you have any relevant experience with using CBD oil in treatment of gastritis that you feel like you can share, please feel free to do that. That will be very appreciated, as this is a very interesting topic and usually there is not enough information available to understand the benefits and side effect of CBD. That’s why comments with personal experiences are very helpful and important as they help people to get more educated about the topic and make their decisions.