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We cover the best topics in cannabis education and health:

  • Chef Hat

    Discover CBD products and
    CBD Oil treatments

  • Natural

    Lose Weight & Have More Energy
    Using Natural Methods Only

  • Light Bulb

    Prevent Chronic & Deadly Diseases
    With Clever Life Hacks


Welcome to Cannabis Tutor

At Cannabis Tutor we aim to deliver the best in online cannabis education. Whether you are just new to Cannabis or a seasoned pro our content will guide you in the right direction.

Many of our visitors are here looking for information on medicinal cannabis in products such as CBD oil. We also offer advice on growing cannabis and offer fact based articles on the science of cannabis.

The stigma of cannabis has gone on long enough, we’re out to change things. So please take a look around and learn everything about what this amazing plant has to offer.

Mike Profile

My name is Mike, but I’m also known as the Cannabis Tutor. I’ve been a proponent of cannabis for years and all my friends were asking me questions. This website is my attempt to teach the world more about this amazing plant.

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