Could CBD oil help with anger management?

Traditional anger management techniques, such as therapy or prescription medication, are both expensive and time consuming. In today’s fast paced world most of us have no choice but to prioritize survival over the dreamy but idealistic concept of “healing the inner child”.

Luckily for us, these days we have more alternative medicines available than ever before, with CBD oil being a fairly new addition to the modern lifestyle. Known for its success with psychological issues such as anxiety, is it possible that this miracle medicine can aid in the regulation of emotions such as anger too?

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Although some users of CBD oil find that it does not calm them down once they have already reached boiling point, the majority testify that it has an instant calming effect. Either way, regular usage will create a calmer disposition that can definitely prevent angry outbursts. CBD oil has personally changed my life in this regard and later in this article I will share my own story of the miraculous benefits of this plant medicine. So before we take a deep dive into the psychology of anger management problems and the science behind the success of CBD oils, take a breath and prepare to have your mind blown!

If you suffer from anger management problems, you may have tried everything you can possibly think of to control the issue. But have you tried CBD oil?

What are anger problems and what are the causes?

It is said that anger is a “false emotion”, meaning that there is always an underlying emotion buried deep beneath the anger. These emotions range from grief, insecurity or shame to the most problematic of all emotions, fear. Due to the fight or flight response hardwired into the brain of every human, anger is the result of a threat to our physical or emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, extreme anger such as rage can lead to acts of violence which can result in the death or injury of innocent victims, not to mention a lifetime in prison. At this point anger problems are obviously completely out of control, but anger can ruin lives even with far less heinous crimes. Road rage and bar brawls are also caused by anger, and can lead to serious consequences that affect quality of life.

Anger problems can be seriously detrimental

Anger is without a doubt the most destructive of all emotions, and can ruin a perfectly good relationship or blossoming career in less than five seconds flat. I have always suffered from a short fuse, and my fiery disposition left a trail of burnt bridges in my wake. Friends, family and even my ex-bosses all had a taste of my wicked temper, but at the end of the day I realized that the person most affected by my outbursts was me.

Although I didn’t often speak about my anger, I ended up accidentally isolating myself by cutting people out of my life at the slightest provocation. Before I found CBD oil I used to self-medicate with marijuana, but although it calmed my anger, smoking the plant did not gel well with me. I found that my thinking would become “cloudy” and could not maintain the level of organisation or forward-planning necessary to lead a functional life. As a result, I was forced to work in retail and struggled to make ends meet.

The marijuana plant is a magical and mysterious phenomenon, and for some reason it reacts differently with each individual.  In addition to this, there are thousands of different strains and each one has its own unique effect. It took me a while to accept that smoking the plant was not for me, but I’m so glad I made the switch to CBD oil because now I am thriving more than ever before and have rebuilt all of my important relationships.

What is CBD?

The Cannabis plant has two species to its name, one of which is marijuana, the other being hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract of the hemp plant and will not get you high, as hemp does not contain THC. However, it does contain every other property of the marijuana plant, which can calm you down, and we will explore this topic a little later in the article. CBD is approved by the World Health Organization as safe and non-addictive. It is also officially legal in varying degrees across the United States of America. CBD is commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia as well as a host of other, more serious illnesses.

Does CBD oil reduce anger issues?

Although CBD has been used since ancient times by traditional healers, it has only recently been legalized, meaning that official research on the benefits of the plant medicine is still in its early stages. I can personally testify that CBD oil can help manage anger issues, as can millions of others online, on forums such as Facebook, Reddit, Quora and Instagram. One such user commented: “A few days ago I was in berserker mode (something stupid on the internet made me rage) and then I took a full droplet of CBD oil, and I noticed I almost instantly calmed down.” All I can say is, see for yourself.

How does CBD oil affect mood?

CBD oil has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression and stress, all of which are precursors to unpredictable mood swings and bouts of anger. Research has revealed that CBD has a beneficial effect on the way the basolateryl amygdala receptors process anxiety and fear. These receptors are directly responsible for the fight or flight phenomenon within all of us. Additionally, CBD oil promotes a positive mood by stimulating receptors in the hippocampus (emotional control centre of the brain) to release comforting chemicals.

Can CBD cause anger?

I have searched the furthest corners of the internet to get the dirt on CBD, and can genuinely say that negative reports are rare. Most online forums are overflowing with positive responses and success stories, with early research pointing more towards benefits than anything else. I did find one comment that mentioned an angry response to CBD, but it was the exception. The user wrote “CBD makes me MORE angry. I got it for anxiety (10mg gummies), and it amplified it instead.” It seems that there’s always one person who has a negative experience in every situation.

How to use CBD oil for anger management

Finding the right dosage for your anger management issues is an experimental process that varies from individual to individual. The best way to go about finding the right balance is to start out taking a very low dose to begin with and then monitoring the effect it has on your mood. If you are not experiencing the relief you hoped for, you can raise the dosage by 5mg each week until you find your ideal dosage. It is a good idea to take your bodyweight into consideration, and to start anywhere from 8mgs – 28mgs. You will need to take a dose up to four times a day.

Best CBD oil for anger management

All CBD oils can be used as part of an anger management treatment program, but my personal favourite is the Respira Hemp Oil by Elixinol , which contains 300mgs of CBD oil and a divine Grape Mint Flavor that can be vaped. I use the 30ml CBD oil which has a high concentration of 60mg CBD per 1ml. Find my other recommendations below.

Does CBD oil have side effects?

Unlike marijuana, which has a different and unpredictable effect on each individual, CBD oil has no known side affects according to Medical News Today. It has been approved by the World Health Organisation as safe to take in large doses, and any side effects are likely the result of a reaction with another medication. For this reason it is recommended that you speak to a doctor before taking CBD oil, but this is only necessary if you are using it in conjunction with other medication.

Now it’s your turn

If you are prone to a quick temper or suffer from anger management problems, I would recommend giving CBD oils a try. My goal with this website is to provide information on the cannabis plant, and gather a collection of voices for others to learn from. Please share your story with CBD oils and anger management, so all those new to CBD and the world of cannabis can get a better idea of what it is all about!