Sagely Naturals Review 2020

As life goes on it becomes inevitable to escape the challenges that comes with ageing and poor health. Some of us experience more challenges with regard to our health than others. And sometimes modern medicine of pharmacological drugs isn’t effective enough. This is what has made us explore into other approaches of treatment. CBD is an all-natural product which has currently taken over the world of health. Its many benefits to physical body and mental health is remarkable. However, it is also important to make sure good quality CBD products are used, which means it has not been mixed with harmful substances. Therefore, it is important to trust a well-known brand like Sagely Naturals. Are you curious about the effects of CBD? And what makes Sagely Naturals CBD products stand out? Let’s find out!

What is CBD oil? What is it used for?

Cannabinol (CBD) is a natural compound extracted from the plant, Cannabis. Our body has the Endocannabinoid system which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis. CBD promotes this system by acting on the receptors of this system all over the body. Thereby, it adds many beneficial effects to our health. CBD helps reduce anxiety, thereby giving relief from insomnia, physiological effects of anxiety such as increased heart rate and sweating, and stress. It has also been accepted as a mode of treatment for epilepsy. A CBD product called Epidolex is now an FDA approved treatment for controlling seizures. It improves the progress and outcome of neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and stroke. CBD is well known for pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, muscle sprains and spinal cord injuries, especially when patients are unable to tolerate drugs. It reduces inflammation in the body by acting on the immune system, thereby maintaining good skin and health.

About Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals was founded by two female powerhouses namely Kaley Nichol and Kerrigan Behrens in 2015. Through Sagely Naturals, they have made CBD products more accessible to consumers as they strongly believe in the positive effects it brings to one’s health and life in general. Sagely Naturals produce broad spectrum CBD products, derived from good quality hemp, grown organically in farms of Colorado and Oregon, and mixed with strong botanicals like turmeric, peppermint, ashwagandha, lavender, chamomile, clary sage, eucalyptus and magnolia bark. These natural botanicals are herbs used in the Indian Ayurveda system, thereby adding on to the health benefits of CBD. Sagely Naturals has a wide collection of CBD products which comes in the form of creams, oils, capsules and sprays. Consumers of Sagely Naturals are left feeling better than they have ever felt before.

Is Sagely Naturals CBD broad spectrum?

Yes, Sagely Naturals sells broad spectrum CBD products, which means it contains all compounds of the Cannabis plant except THC. This means that it also has essential oils, terpenes and other cannabinoid compounds of Cannabis to bring about the maximum health benefits. Commonly, Cannabis is associated with the ‘high’ effect it produces due to the presence of a compound called THC. Broad spectrum CBD undergoes intense processing to get rid of THC or leave as trace amounts as possible. Even with all the processing it undergoes, the therapeutic effects are maintained. Due to the absence of THC, the ‘high’ effect will not be brought about, impairing consumers’ alertness or consciousness.

Inside the extensive Sagely Naturals collections

Sagely Naturals has a wide collection of CBD products which has been categorized as Relief and Recovery, Calm and Centered, Drift and Dream and Brightening Skincare. The categorization into clear ‘collections’ as such makes it easy for the consumers to access the product they like and make a quick purchase. If you are new to purchasing CBD products, this will be an ideal way for you to be introduced into their products.

Relief & Recovery

The products that come under this collection focuses on anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Inflammatory changes of the body increase pain reception, especially with regard to joint and muscle. This in turn can make you feel weak and drained out. The CBD products under this collection help you to to feel relief from this pain, improve strength and make you able to do your daily work more efficiently. For example, Relief and Recovery capsules, which is a dietary supplement taken once daily, also containing turmeric, provides relief from exercise induced discomfort, make you feel comfortable and improve overall strength. There is 10mg of CBD per capsule and a total of 30 capsules per bottle.

Calm & Centered

Products under this collection helps to make you feel relaxed but focused. It is a known fact that being stressed out can make you less focused on day to day matters. You will tend to make more mistakes as you are unable to focus, thereby reducing your efficiency. It then becomes a vicious cycle as poor performance in important matters increases stress further more. CBD infused with powerful botanicals are a great remedy to reduce this stress and increase the sharpness of your mind. For example, Sagely Naturals Calm and Centered Roll on, which has CBD and essential oils of lavender and chamomile, which helps you to feel calm, and Bergamot, which helps to increase the sharpness of your mind, could be the ideal product for you. It has 50mg of CBD per roll on. It should be applied on pressure points, temples, neck, forehead and wrists or the aroma must be breathed in by keeping close to the nose.

Drift & Dream

There are many who suffer from poor sleep in this day and age. Many tend to depend on prescription medicine to help fall asleep which could be dangerous as you can get dependent on them. Poor sleep is also associated with predisposing you to various long-term problems like poor concentration, hypertension, heart problems and addictive behaviour. Natural CBD products infused with botanicals are the perfect alternative to be used before sleep in order for you to get a good night’s rest. For example, Sagely Naturals Drift and Dream Body oil which comes as 100mg of CBD per bottle is the perfect choice for a good night’s sleep. This should be applied after a shower or bath when you are about to go to sleep on damp skin. It should be massaged well into the skin so that the moisture is locked in. The oil gets absorbed into the skin fast. It is best if you let your body dry naturally afterwards. The oil not only helps you feel relaxed and sleep better but also nourishes the skin as it is very hydrating.

Brightening Skincare

Brightening skincare formulated by cosmetic brands all over the world are composed of many synthetic chemicals which might be harmful to skin and health, also harmful to the environment. But Sagely Naturals Brightening skincare is made from all-natural products and are highly effective in giving you that glow you have always wanted. For example, Sagely Naturals Brightening CBD eye cream which comes as 150mg of CBD per container not only has CBD but also Rosehip oil, Madonna Lily extract and Meadowfoam seed oil. They are rich in antioxidants and contribute to hydrate the skin under eyes and brighten them as well, thereby getting rid of dark circles.

Sagely Naturals’ Relief & Recovery creams

Where to buy Sagely Naturals

If you are interested in purchasing Sagely Naturals products, then you must visit their website, . You can easily browse the products available and add them to your cart as you prefer. The website is very user friendly with different collections, clearly defined, which can be accessed according to your need. Each product will have a description and give you the quantity and value of it clearly. Here, you will also have the option of accessing their store locator feature if you are interested in wholesale purchase of their products. Subscribe to their email subscription to be made aware of promotions and offers.

Final verdict: Should you use Sagely Naturals?

CBD, extracted from the plant Cannabis, have well known health benefits which can improve the quality of life in any person. However, it is important to find a good brand that produces high quality CBD products, that does not contain any harmful substance or THC, which causes the ‘high’ effect. Sagely Naturals is a brand as such which was female founded in 2015, and has many broad-spectrum CBD products under collections namely, Relief and Recovery, Calm and Centered, Drift and Dream and Brightening Skincare. They use the best of ingredients, that is quadruple tested and third party approved to provide transparency. Therefore, these products can be used with no fear of side effects due to poor formulations.

Now it’s your turn

If you are still not convinced about the quality of Sagely Naturals CBD products then I suggest you to read reviews of their products across the web. You will be surprised to see how many consumers praise and have found favour with their products. Furthermore, read on the health benefits of CBD and spread the message to others as well.