My take on Endoca’s wide range of CBD products

With the global CBD industry boasting a seemingly infinite number of CBD outlets online, it can be difficult to know where to turn. At the end of the day, CBD is a medical supplement (and sometimes replacement) which just like chemical-based drugs, should be sourced from a reputable company. There are a number of home-made and even mass-produced CBD products on the market, that haven’t been lab-tested and are not always one hundred percent pure. In many cases CBD is diluted in chemical substances which can lower the efficiency of the plant medicine, and even cause more harm than good.

Endoca holds the title of the world’s first online CBD store, and all of their products have been tested by a third-party laboratory to comply with health and safety standards.  The hemp itself is of the highest quality, and their CBD extracts are 100 percent free of chemicals and toxins. Offering products such as edibles, topical creams, capsules, crystals, tinctures, pet-CBD and even suppositories, Endoca is still at the forefront of the CBD industry. When I first heard about Endoca, I was delighted to learn about such a high quality source of CBD, with such an authentic mission and incredible history of good will.

What is Endoca?

Henry Vincenty founded Endoca after experiencing the devastating effects of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Whilst studying biotechnology and genetics in Denmark, Henry travelled to Africa on a mission to increase the life span of people suffering from AIDs there. During his trip, he noticed that the chemical-based medications given to patients caused a worsening of symptoms, as well as many undesirable side effects. This set in motion Henry’s search for a natural supplement that could work alongside mainstream medicine to alleviate symptoms, without causing terrible side effects.

At the time, CBD was not the global talking point that it is now, and as marijuana was still illegal there were strict regulations on studying the plant. Henry realised that many of the medicinal compounds found in marijuana (CBD) were also present in hemp, and so he began to grow his own hemp to study it in depth. He discovered for himself the cannabinoids present in marijuana’s cousin, and decided to open a free clinic to share his knowledge of the plant medicine. At the clinic he taught a vast number of people how to use CBD alongside other medications, and in some cases to replace the chemical drugs entirely.

Initially he gave out hemp seeds and CBD samples for free, but with the goal to spread the message of CBD to the world, he began to charge for the products, using the proceeds to build a lab. The result was the birth of Endoca, a name inspired by the endocannabinoid system. He then created the world’s first online CBD outlet, with the mission to supply CBD to patients around the globe. At first the stigma surrounding CBD meant slow sales, but now Endoca has grown to be one of the biggest names in the industry, with over 2000 acres of hemp to its name. The mission of Endoca is to make CBD so common it is (in the words of the official website) “a household staple just like salt and garlic!”

Are Endoca’s CBD products any good?

Endoca’s products are 100 percent natural, and thoroughly tested by a third party lab. This guarantees that there are no pesticides, herbicides or mycotoxins in any of the products. Endoca is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, meaning that it meets the global standards of health and safety for both pharmaceuticals and edibles. The GMP quality-control ensures that consistent Good Practice is upheld, and each batch of CBD is individually tested for toxins and contamination (like mould and fungi). The hemp used to create Endoca’s CBD is both organic and non-GMO, with laboratory reports publicly available on the company’s website.

Is Endoca CBD full spectrum?

Endoca CBD offers both full-spectrum and THC-free products. While the oils are all full spectrum, containing trace amounts of THC, the CBD crystals are THC-free and comprised of  99.9 percent pure CBD. THC is non-addictive and non-intoxicating, actually working hand in hand with CBD to promote the medicinal benefits of the plant extract. I personally prefer to go for the full spectrum, and have found it incredibly beneficial, keeping me and my dog healthy and happy ever since we started using the product.

Endoca CBD product overview

Available in four different strengths of full-spectrum tinctures, these pure CBD oils come in 10 ml bottles, ranging from 300 mg CBD to 1500 mg CBD. I use the full strength tincture to help with my anxiety, and I honestly feel as good as new!

CBD Cream
CBD creams have been proven to fight inflammation and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Endoca offers a skincare range that can be used for dual purposes, including a 30ml/750mg salve, a 20mg travel balm stick and a 100ml jar of cream available in strengths between 300mg and 1500mg.

CBD Edibles
Edible CBD products are the perfect pick-me-up for anxiety, and I love the fact that Endoca has produced an eco-friendly chewing gum brimming with CBD! The product is available in packs of 15, each one offering 150 mg of CBD-goodness.

CBD Capsules
CBD oil can be slightly complex, what with keeping track of dosage in droplets, so for this reason I chose to use the CBD capsules when I was recovering from my knee surgery. Capsules are available in bottles of between 30 and 120, with dosage per capsule ranging from 10 mg to 50 mg.

A selection of Endoca’s hemp oil

CBD Crystals
The CBD crystals are THC-free and offer a versatile form of CBD that can be used to make your own edibles, dog treats or even added to vape liquid. The Endoca crystals are created by extracting pure CBD, with no carrier oil, and are available in a 0.5g jar, containing 500mg CBD!

CBD Suppositories
The CBD suppositories cater specifically to people who may have difficulty taking an oral form of CBD. The product is available in boxes of 10, with 50mg of CBD per capsule. The passion of Endoca to bring the benefits of CBD to all that suffer ill health is truly evident in this considerate product.

CBD Extract
The CBD extracts offered by Endoca are comprised of a whopping 20 to 30 percent CBD. They come in a paste-like form, due to the natural waxes, terpenes and flavanoids, as well as CBDa (minor cannabinoids). There are three products with varying properties and strengths to choose from.

CBD Packs
Endoca has created a genius starter pack for novice CBD users wanting to test out their options, consisting of medium strength oil and capsules as well as CBD travel balm. The two other packs available offer a combination of CBD oil, hemp protein and hemp-derived vitamins in different strengths.

CBD For Dogs
Endoca offers four different CBD products for dogs, with three different oils and CBD crystals to choose from. The oils come in 10ml bottles and range in strength from 30mg per 1ml, to 200mg for 1ml (suitable for horses too). The CBD crystals for dogs comes in a 0.5g/500mg package.

Endoca CBD for dogs – should I use it?

When I adopted a dog from the local shelter, I sure wasn’t thinking that he would have so many behavioural issues. I specifically went for a street dog, because I thought he would be feisty and keep me safe from harm! Little did I know that the dog I chose (which honestly seemed to be the toughest one there) would turn out to be even more anxious than I was! Fortunately I found a solution in Endoca’s high strength raw CBD oil for dogs , and now Ace and I enjoy daily strolls around the park, drama-free! CBD is safe to use for both cats and dogs, as it is a one hundred percent natural product.

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Final Verdict: Is Endoca CBD legit?

All in all, I can tell you with absolute confidence that not only is Endoca CBD legit, but it is one of the highest quality CBD companies on the market. I have used Endoca products for severe pain relief (after my torn meniscus was surgically removed), daily anxiety control and even to cure my sleepless nights. As an added bonus, Endoca CBD has changed Ace’s life as well, legitimately soothing him to the point where he is now a happy and healthy “normal” dog. What with the miraculous benefits of CBD, and the lab-tested products that Endoca offers, I would definitely recommend giving the world’s first online CBD shop a try!

Now It’s Your Turn

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