Is Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil worth the hype?

As some of you might know, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil – also known as CW – has had a quite interesting past. CW CBD Oil is a cannabis extract: high in CBD but quite low in THC. It is important that you know this because the THC component is associated with the psychoactive highs that are commonly used to argue against the use of marijuana as a medication. You can read more about THC, CBD and what makes good quality CBD oil here . But what is the story behind Charlotte’s Web and how good is it?

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is one of the world’s best-known brands of this kind of oil due to its life-changing effect on Charlotte Figi – a young girl that was suffering from a terrible disease.

The Story of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte Figi suffered from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, meaning that she had hundreds of seizures every week. However, after she was given CBD Oil, her seizures almost instantly reduced their frequency. And after a bit of time, the frequency of her seizures reduced to only having a couple of them each month.

Charlotte’s web was actually founded by seven brothers – the Stanley brothers – who were already researching medical marijuana, after they met Charlotte Figi’s mom Paige. The oil Charlotte used came from a Colorado plant that was renamed Charlotte’s Web in honor of her and her progress. As more research emerged showing the benefits of CBD – along with wide-reaching video footage of CBD in action – the brothers made it their objective to make sure that as many as possible pediatric patients of epilepsy get their medicine. And since 2014 they have been successful expanding their activity outside of Colorado.

Does Charlotte’s Web CBD Work?

There are tons and tons of testimonials proving the efficiency of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil, so it’s clearly more than just hype. What I found most surprising was the impressive variety of customer reviews sharing stories about how this CBD oil helped them with a number of conditions.

For instance, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil has helped people to sleep better, alleviate pain, improve their mood, reduced anxiety and even lower inflammation. The range of medical conditions that Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil can help treat is impressive. This brand of CBD oil has even been described as “life-changing” by the people who have used it. One thing I found is that this oil works quite quick. So even Charlotte’s Web might feel a bit expensive, it is without question cheaper than what you would end up paying for medium- to long-term prescription medicine.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Dosage

There is no standard dosage for CBD oil, as it depends solely on how your body reacts to it. However, the company has some suggestions for dosing its CBD oil. They say you should take about 1mL of the oil each day to aim for the best results you can get. The bottles come with their own dropper: Each 30mL bottle has a 0.5mL dropper, while the 100mL bottle has a 1mL dropper. The oil can be consumed in various ways, such as dropping some under your tongue or adding it to your salad, your coffee or any other drinks or foods you consume.

What Health Conditions Can Charlotte’s Web Treat?

Today, Charlotte’s Web is best known for the anti-epileptic properties it has, thanks to the impact it had on Charlotte’ Dravet Syndrome case. However, epilepsy is not the only condition CBD oil can help with. It has been used in an effective way in order to reduce general pains and ailments, all the while providing users with a relaxing sensation. Charlotte’s Web is commonly known for the following:

  • Anti-Seizure Effects
  • Neuroprotective Effects
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Analgesic Effects
  • Anti-Tumor Effects
  • Anti-Psychotic Effects
  • Anti-Anxiety Effects
  • Substance Use Disorders Help

Recently, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil had been gaining recognition for treating anxiety and depression, amongst many other conditions.

Read more about CBD as a treatment for anxiety here .

Why Use Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil?

There are many benefits unique to the Charlotte’s Web brand (besides its feel-good backstory). For example, if you live in Colorado and you have children in need of help, you can get Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for a much lower price. Also, I found that Charlotte’s Web CBD oil does not smell as strongly as other cannabis-based oils, it has a more raw and simple smell of just oil. It’s also very easy to digest, having no unpleasant aftertaste: you might even forget that you’re having it!

Does Charlotte’s Web Have Side Effects?

Even though clinical tests have shown positive and effective results, they also produce documentation that proves that there are not any severe side effects upon the use of CBD oil. However, these minor side effects can appear:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Drug metabolism inhibition

However, these side effects are nowhere near the ones you can get from prescription medication used to treat most of the conditions CBD can treat. Nonetheless, you should be aware that CBD oil can also have some minor side-effects.

Where Can I Buy Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil?

Since Charlotte’s Web brand has become more and more popular, you can buy it from a surprisingly great number of web sites. If you are from the United States, the safest and easiest way for you to purchase this CBD Oil is from the official Charlotte’s Web website. However, if you are in the United Kingdom, there are several accredited online sites that include CBD oils in the UK. It is also possible to locate Charlotte’s Web suppliers to buy from.

My Final Verdict on Charlotte’s Web

After my experience with Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil products, I have no doubt that this company is one of the best ones of there. I’m a huge fan of these products. Besides the fact that CBD oil helps people with the usual list of health conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety and many more, Joel Stanley – one of the founding brothers – is truly confident that the products their company produces can do much more.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil effect on people suffering from seizures is already known to the public. Joel Stanley also believes that their products can aid in preventing Parkinson’s, Dementia and even Alzheimer’s and he also claims that he will continue to use CBD Oil on a daily basis. The Stanley brothers use their publicity to raise awareness about the medical health benefits of CBD Oil. They even have a foundation called The Realm of Caring that dedicates itself to the education of the public and even legislators about the benefits of such products.

Charlotte’s Web can do amazing things for children with epilepsy. And there is more research emerging every year illustrating the benefits of CBD, including relaxation, pain alleviation and stress relief. Additionally, because it has an extremely low THC content, you can enjoy it every day without having to worry about any debilitating high or any intoxicating effects.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have any experience with the products from Charlotte’s Web brand? Did you have a good experience, or did it help you with your condition? Let us know about it in the comments below! You will be helping us and lots of other people find out the benefits of cannabis products, while also promoting the best ones on the market, so that everyone can benefit from what these cannabis products and treatments have to offer for your general health.