Are CBDistillery’s Products Good Quality And Value?

CBD oil has entered the mainstream and early stage scientific research points towards a modern miracle in the medical world. As with all medicines, it is mandatory to acquire CBD oil from a reliable source.

With thousands of start-ups jumping onto the CBD bandwagon, it can be confusing for novice users to know where to turn. You may have heard of CBDistillery, a big name in the CBD industry, but you are probably wandering if this company is really worth the hype?

Well, I can tell you from personal experience that the answer to that question is a resounding YES!!! I have been researching CBD for years and when I found CBDistillery I was so impressed that I honestly I wish that I’d found out about it sooner. As with all popular commercial products (take Nike for example) you will always find both real, and fake, versions. While it won’t kill you to buy a fake Nike, you are definitely better off investing in real CBD oil. Unfortunately some brands even dilute the CBD oil with a host of harmful chemicals, which not only limit the properties of the CBD, but can actually make your health worsen as well. So before I share my in depth knowledge on CBDistillery with you, let me assure you that this brand is the real deal.

CBDistillery offers a selection of one hundred percent pure CBD oil, so you can trust that the high quality brand provides all the healing benefits of CBD (completely undiluted).

Should I use CBD oil? What does it treat?

Although CBD has been used for thousands of years by traditional healers, it has only recently been legalized, meaning that the official research on the benefits of the plant medicine is still in its early stages. While researchers have proven that CBD is medicinally beneficial in a number of ways, scientists have not yet been able to identify exactly how it works. Regardless of the mystery, medical experts and qualitative data reflect that it works. CBD oil is frequently used as an effective natural pain killer and according to Medical News Today, has been shown to promote the release of anandamide (the pain regulation compound).

Additionally CBD can be used as a mood stabiliser, or relaxant, for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, general stress or even anger management problems. Research has revealed that CBD promotes the release of comforting chemicals by stimulating receptors in the hippocampus (the emotional control centre in the brain). It has also shown that CBD has a beneficial effect on the way the fight or flight receptors located in the basolateryl amygdala. But the healing properties of this incredible plant extract reach far beyond pain relief and mood regulation.

The most noteworthy discovery in terms of CBD is the treatment of Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which are forms of epilepsy. The FDA has approved the use of CBD for the treatment of seizures in people over the age of 2. In addition to all this, CBD helps to heal the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, in documented studies. The list could probably go on forever, but CBD is also frequently used for the treatment of acne, nausea, ADHD, arthritis and drug withdrawal. It is also known to improve cardiovascular health and autism.

This all-round healer can be used to treat multiple conditions at the same time, but if using other medications it is best to check with your doctor that you will not cause a reaction of sorts.

Inside the CBDistillery company

What with the number of brands masquerading as high quality CBD oil, when I first heard about CBDistillery, it left me wandering is CBDistillery a good company? Well let me save you the research and tell you that in my opinion, CBDistillery is the best CBD oil company. Founded in 2016, CBDistillery’s mission is to make high quality CBD available at an affordable rate, so that everyone can experience the healing properties of CBD. In addition to this, the company initiated the #CBDMOVEMENT, which strives to spread the word about the science and verified testimonials that document the amazing benefits of CBD.

How does CBDistillery extract CBD?

The CBDistillery process of creating good quality CBD oil, begins with the farming of pesticide free and non-GMO hemp. After harvesting the plants at their peak, CBDistillery uses the industry’s safest extraction method, known as CO2 extraction. This process ensures that the concentration of CBD doesn’t fluctuate and filters out any harmful toxins. CBDistillery’s products have all been certified and approved by the United States Hemp Authority, so you can purchase and use their products with peace of mind. All products are tested by an external lab (ProVerde Laboritories) to evaluate the CBD concentration and to double check the safety.

Are CBDistillery products good quality?

CBDistillery is the superhero of the CBD industry, and recently has been gathering more and more positive reviews. Their willingness to test and publish results of their products speaks for itself, but the general consensus online is that this company is the bees knees. Of course there are always going to be mixed reviews, but my personal experience has been highly beneficial for my anxiety, IBS symptoms and even quitting cigarettes. To illustrate my point with some numbers, the full spectrum 1000mg tincture CBDistillery product is currently sitting on an average of 4.5 stars with 1820 user reviews.

CBDistillery product guide

CBDistillery sells a diverse range of both full spectrum and THC-free tinctures, capsules, gummies, topical ointments, vapes and even pet oils. Here are a few of my personal favourites from each category:


  • Full Spectrum 1000mg Tincture (30 ml)
  • THC-Free Pure CBD Oil 1000mg Tincture (30 ml)

THC is nothing to be afraid of, and comes with a host of benefits that are particularly effective in relieving pain and enhancing mood stability. 1000 mg CBD is the highest potency and therefore holds the most healing properties.


  • Full Spectrum 25mg CBD Pill Capsules (30 capsules)
  • THC-free 25mg CBD Isolate Pill Capsules (30 capsules)

The super convenient pill capsules are great for on-the-go dosing. This milder concentration of CBD is perfect for patients with minor symptoms or as a general health supplement.


  • CBD 30 mg Night time Gummies
  • CBD 30 mg Isolate Night time Gummies

Gummies are a great choice for kids and adults alike, and don’t have to be limited to evenings at all. I use them for a delicious surreptitious on-the-go dosage.

Topical Ointments:

  • 500mg CBDefine Skincare Cream
  • 500mg CBD Lipbalm

I didn’t initially realize that CBD would clear up my acne, and my friend uses the lip balm for her chapped lips.

CBDistillery dosage guide

CBDistillery dosage is just the same as any other CBD brand dosage, though the products are generally available in a variety of concentrations for the treatment of different needs and health conditions. The best way to go about finding the right dose is to start out with a low dose of between 8mgs – 28mgs depending on the severity of symptoms as well as body weight. CBD dosage requires initial experimentation and should be upped weekly by 5mgs if you haven’t noticed any improvement in symptoms. You can take dosages up to four times per day, based on your individual needs.

How long does CBDistillery take to ship

Once a product is ordered, CBDistillery will package and ship your CBD within 48 hours of receiving your request. Orders are processed between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm, so it’s best to place your order on a Monday for the least delay. The amount of time your package takes to reach you depends on the amount of orders we receive, which day you place your order etc.

What side effects does CBDistillery have?

One in a hundred people is allergic to CBD, and this can be tested by your local doctor at your request. Aside from the fact that CBD can react to other chemical based medications, CBDistillery products have no known side effects and have been declared safe by the United States Hemp Authority as well as the World Health Organization. CBDistillery tests their products five times before releasing them to the market, so you can be sure that this company is pretty much your safest option.

How to buy CBDistillery

Buy CBDistillery products such on their incredible online store here:

My verdict on CBDistillery

CBDistillery is an affordable and regulated pure CBD oil company. When using CBD in any form, it is imperative to find a pure source you can rely on so as to reap the full benefits. Unless you feel like taking up a new highly technical hobby, I highly recommend investing in CBDistillery. The company’s passion for educating the public on the incredible medicinal properties of CBD is evident in the #CBDMOVEMENT initiative. CBDistillery offers a diverse range of concentrations and products, suitable for children, pets and vapes alike.