Does CBD Oil Help With Nausea?

Nausea means the urge to vomit and it is quite an uncomfortable symptom that we have all experienced at least once in our life. Nausea is actually a normal physiological reaction of our body to get rid of an offending agent that the body doesn’t accept. Therefore, it almost always means there is an underlying pathology like a gastrointestinal infection due to food poisoning, hormonal imbalance or migraine. It could also be due to a side effect of a drug. Sometimes it could simply be due to motion sickness as well. There are more serious conditions that could present with nausea as well such as intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, liver or kidney failure. Of course the serious conditions will have other accompanying symptoms which would require immediate medical attention. But if nausea is the only symptom you experience or you know why it’s being caused but refuses to be on drugs like antiemetic which supresses the urge to vomit, CBD oil is a more natural alternative method that you could try. Studies have shown that CBD oil in adequate doses is able to alleviate nausea improving your quality of life.

What is CBD oil? How does it affect your stomach?

CBD, also called Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis but with no psychogenic effects. It is found in edible form to be ingested and also available in a form that can be smoked. In cannabis, there is a compound called THC which brings about the ‘high’ effect. However, in CBD oil this compound is found in very negligible amounts, thus doesn’t bring about that same effect. It has many medicinal advantages without the euphoric effect that might alter your sense of self.

There are receptors in our brain and digestive system that produce and bind to a chemical substance called serotonin. It is also called a neurotransmitter. This is responsible for the symptom of nausea and vomiting. CBD will interact with these receptors and block them to prevent the release of serotonin, thus reducing the symptom of nausea. It is also found that serotonin release from the forebrain is also inhibited by CBD, thereby suppressing the toxin induced nausea effect.

Does CBD reduce nausea?

Yes! There finally seems to be an answer to nausea. Antiemetics which are drugs that is taken to inhibit vomiting are metabolized within the body releasing various toxic by-products. These by-products themselves can cause you to develop other symptoms which can be unpleasant. Furthermore, in some people antiemetics are not effective. But studies have shown that CBD oil, a natural herb product, has been able to combat the issue of nausea. Many physicians have accepted it as a way of treatment. However, it is always advisable to check with your own physician prior to its use, as not all human beings would react the same way to it.

Could CBD oil make you feel nauseous?

To keep this post as unbiased as possible, I like to mention about the cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. It is an extremely rare syndrome which is experienced by those who abuse cannabis. This syndrome is manifested in those who consume large amount of THC rich cannabis, therefore moderation and use of good quality product is of dire importance. Patients who suffer from this disorder may present with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. But it should be noted that cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is extremely rare. However, it should be considered if you experience repeated episodes of nausea despite CBD use.

How CBD is used to treat nausea?

Some of us experience nausea more often than others. For example, patients who undergo chemotherapy experience nausea as a side effect of the treatment. Though chemotherapy is treatment for cancer, it is said that chemotherapy in itself is like another disease as it can make patients very debilitated. Its side effects are many such as tendency to bleed, recurrent infections, hair loss and general feeling of weakness. In addition to these, having an unpleasant symptom like nausea will make the quality of life even worse. Nausea in these patients can cause lack of appetite for food which could worsen their nutrition making them more susceptible for infections. It is a vicious cycle. Therefore, CBD oil is like a saving grace to combat this issue in cancer patients.

Another common cause of nausea is motion sickness. Many of us experience nausea when travelling long distance which makes the journey very unpleasant. It also makes you become very anxious about the journey worsening the nausea; this is called anticipatory nausea. CBD oil usage in people who suffer motion sickness and anticipatory nausea is found to be very effective.

CBD side effects

CBD oil also has side effects that we must be aware of. Though these side effects are very rare and not too serious, awareness is important to understand what you feel and why. More importantly it will help you to know when to stop and when to reach for medical help.

First and foremost, before the use of CBD oil, it’s always better to talk to your physician especially if you have any comorbid conditions to which you are being medicated. CBD oil can react with other drugs giving rise to side effects. It can lead to excessive tiredness, loss of appetite and stomach upsets like diarrhoea. These side effects are mainly experienced during the first few days of starting the treatment. Once the dosage is stabilised, these may resolve on its own. Sometimes changing the type of oil can help with these side effects as well.

It’s also important to watch out for good quality products. CBD oil can come in various forms but always go for something that is of high quality. Some CBD might contain excessive amounts of THC which can give rise to mood instability, excessive hunger and dry mouth. So before you order the product, read reviews and make sure if the quality and safety of the product is guaranteed. Though there are no absolute contraindications for CBD oil use due to its relative safeness, those with certain medical conditions such as infertility, low blood pressure, liver failure, and breast feeding and pregnant mothers must consult your physician before starting treatment.

Where to buy CBD oil for nausea

There are many ways in which you can purchase CBD oils. Whether it’s from the drug store close to your home or whether it is online, CBD oils are not too hard to find. But there are advantages of buying them online. Endoca and Elixinol are two websites that you can access to purchase CBD oils. These websites give you information about the quality and safety of their products. They also show you all the variations of products you have the option of purchasing as well. There is always customer support for you to inquire about any questions you have and help you to find the best product that suits you. Endoca also has many deals and offers that you can make use of to save some money.

Best CBD oils for nausea

There are many types of CBD oils available in the market and I have listed down five of the best ones for your convenience:

1. Royal CBD (1000mg CBD).
Royal CBD is manufactured by organic hemp grown in US and it’s available in 3 options of potency.

2. Endoca RAW Hemp Oil (1500mg CBD+CBDa)
Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Paste Extract is ideal for those who suffer from severe and chronic nausea especially related to chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

3. Elixinol Hemp Oil Drops (300mg CBD) in Cinnamint

Elixinol Hemp Oil Drops are effective for anticipatory nausea and nausea experienced by food poisoning as it bypasses the stomach due to the drops being absorbed by dissolving under the tongue. These drops are in a mixture of cinnamon and mint which in itself are natural anti-nausea agents.

4. Select CBD Focus spearmint Vape Pen (250MG cbd)

The Select CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pen gives the fastest action in bringing about the effects of CBD and is a good option in motion sickness and sudden nausea.

Now it’s your turn

In my personal experience CBD oil has become very effective to relieve my symptoms of nausea due to motion sickness. It not only helped me get rid of nausea but also alleviate the anxiety of the symptom. Before using CBD oil I did thorough internet research to know as much information as I could. I came across many articles of studies done to find the benefits of CBD Oil. But I know that I have more to learn and what better way to do so than by interacting with you guys. So please comment down below, tell me your experiences with CBD oil. And please feel free to ask any questions that you have about it as well.