Are you struggling with terrible headaches, which are not letting you live your life peacefully? CBD oil is a great pain reliever and proved to be less harmful than other pain killers or antidepressants. So will CBD oil cure your headache? Read on and find out.

What is CBD? What is it good for?

As we know, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is non-intoxicating and is believed to have many benefits for human body. Here is the list of what CBD is proven to help with. CBD:

  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Reduces acne
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Calms epilepsy

Furthermore, I’ve found several articles indicating that CBD might help people with schizophrenia by reducing psychotic symptoms, prevent diabetes, benefit heart health and alleviate cancer-related symptoms. However, it’s still early days for cannabis research, and more needs to be done to prove these. In the meantime, CBD is best known for its proven effects above.

CBD and pain relief: How it works

As you may know, CBD is a supplement that can help you to deal with terrible pain. It is highly antioxidant, that’s why it has anti-inflammatory effect on joints that helps to improve stiffness and pain. CBD’s analgesic effect reduces pain reception in the brain. CBD has a direct effect on the endocannabinoid system in our brain, which enhances the amount of serotonin and anandamide to reduce the perception of pain.


CBD is not psychoactive, so it will not give you that ‘euphoric’ feeling, but it influences our body in a way that it makes the body use its own endocannabinoids more effectively.

CBD stops our body from absorbing anandamide, so its levels rise in our bloodstream that causes a reduction of the pain. However, it is good to know that only limited research is available that proves CBD to have pain-relieving effects, so further research is needed to fully understand how CBD affects our body. But there are many testimonies online, where people share their feeling and experiences that totally prove CBD to be a great pain reliever.

Is CBD good for migraines?

Unfortunately, there is limited research made on the use of CBD for migraine. Existing studies only show the combined effects of CBD and THC (which is psychoactive). There are no published studies that examine the CBD effects on migraine. The regulations on CBD and problems with legalization of cannabis explain the issue of the limited research being done.

However, laboratory studies suggest that CBD oil might be helpful to treat all forms of chronic and acute pain, which includes migraines. CBD is also good for people who are struggling with insomnia, which can also be caused by terrible headaches and migraines. CBD has shown to have value as low-risk antidepressant, from that people are choosing it among other available antidepressants, which have worse and more harmful side effects.

Is CBD good for cluster headaches?

Cluster headache is a rare primary headache that causes severe headaches on one side of the head. Cluster headaches attack in a series lasting for several weeks or even month.

Symptoms of cluster headaches include:

  • Red eyes
  • Tearing up
  • Swollen eyelids and forehead
  • Facial sweating
  • Runny nose and nasal congestion

There isn’t enough scientific evidence that prove CBD is a cure for cluster headaches. However, there are many testimonies online from people that claim CBD helped to deal with the pain. Anxiety is something that can make cluster headaches and CBD has shown to be helpful in treating it. Some scientists say that cluster headaches might be triggered by extreme stress and CBD oil helps to calm down and relax. From this, I can assume that CBD is just a good pain reliever, but is not able to cure cluster headaches by itself.

Can CBD give you a headache?

Headaches may occur as an isolated incident, or as a symptom of a more significant health issue. Mostly, the cause of a headache is stress or emotional upset. Headaches are usually categorized as either primary or secondary. Primary is when the pain is isolated and not indicative, while secondary headaches are a symptom of another health issue. CBD is non-toxic even in large amounts. If someone took CBD for the first time and got a headache, it is most likely circumstantial. Side effects of CBD are often linked to the issues of purity. So the answer for this question is no. CBD is not supposed to give you a headache, but if it does, that might be just your reaction to CBD, because as we know, different people react differently to CBD.

CBD side effects

Of course, there are some side effects of taking CBD. Where is a plus, there is always a minus. These side effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight gain or loss

Moreover, CBD can also interact with some medications, so before you start using CBD oil, you should definitely consult with your doctor about this decision and just to be completely sure that CBD will not make your condition worse. This will help you to avoid potentially harmful interactions. One study has shown that CBD-rich cannabis extract has a potential to cause liver toxicity. However, this research was performed on mice, so it doesn’t fully prove the statement above. Generally, CBD is considered to be safe and not harmful for health, but, please, keep in mind that different people can react differently to it. I would highly recommend discussing your usage of CBD with your doctor, which will help to avoid any harmful side effects. Also, CBD can cause some insignificant side effects, such as dry mouth (or cottonmouth) . It is likely due to cannabinoids altering receptors in the lower jaw that triggers secretion of saliva. Mostly it causes mild discomfort, which is easily taken away by drinking a glass of water right after taking CBD oil. It is good to know that CBD oil tends to give you a feeling of tiredness, but it might something you are going for.

The best CBD oils for headaches

Looking for best CBD oils on the market? Here is the list of top 5 CBD oil brands that will help you to find the best CBD oil for you.

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Final verdict: Is CBD oil good for headaches?

CBD oil has shown its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues, such as anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease. In my opinion, CBD oil will not prevent or stop headaches, but will probably help alleviate the pain. You can’t just take CBD and expect it to cure your headache, especially it is a recurring headache or cluster headaches. CBD can indirectly help some people with migraine by alleviating certain triggers, including muscle tension, anxiety, which are quite common. CBD oil can prevent a migraine from occurring.

In order to treat headaches you should go to your doctor if you notice that your headaches are recurring. But if you have just a regular headache, try CBD, and if that doesn’t work, try a regular pain reliever such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. If you don’t want to take any pills, then in order to get some headache relief you need to rest, close your eyes, relax, minimize the stress. Massage of your neck and temples will also help as it improves blood flow and soothe tension headaches. Moreover, you need to keep an eye on what you eat and drink, as it also has a huge impact on your wellbeing and headaches. Doctors advises to limit caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Regular meals are very important, especially for people, who can get headaches from low blood sugar.

Now it’s your turn

Do you have any relevant experience treating your headache with CBD oil? Do you want to share your story with other in order to help others? If you have ever used CBD oil together with other medications from headaches, please feel free to write a comment in our comment section. It will definitely be appreciated. Comments like that bring a huge value as they are true feedback and reviews from you, so other people can actually read about real experience and form their own opinions on CBD. People are always checking out comment section in order to shape their opinions based on real experiences of the people, so we want to give you a platform for the exchange of thoughts and information. I would also love to hear your opinion on treating headaches with CBD? Do you think it is more a supplement or can be considered as a medication? Your thoughts are valued and very appreciated!