When you are ignoring your oral hygiene for a long time, there is a high risk of you getting a gum disease. This problem can also appear if you have some bad habits like smoking and drinking. What if cannabis, and its extract CBD, could help you with gum disease? I take a look below at how CBD can help treat gum disease and to minimize the damage.

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Does CBD oil help gum disease? How?

CBD oil may help with gum disease, as it has shown to interact with CB2 receptors, which are responsible for the mediation of the immune functions of the body. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic benefits. Actually inflammation is one of the key symptoms of gum disease, so CBD might work here perfectly. You can easily incorporate CBD in your oral hygiene routine. However, you should take into consideration that if you prefer using CBD for vape, you should change this habit. This is because vaping can irritate your gums and make them even more inflamed and even painful. There is a study, which was performed in 2009 that showed that CBD decreased the inflammation in gum tissue and improved the strength of teeth. However, this study was performed on rats, nit on people.

Does CBD oil damage teeth?

There are no studies available that prove that CBD can damage teeth, Actually, CBD has shown to have bone stimulating and strengthening properties, which help with maintaining the health of your teeth. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties definitely work for the benefits for slowing minor tooth decay. There are many testimonies available online that state that CBD is actually very good for gum health and it has no effect on teeth. Many people said that they didn’t notice any change in their teeth colour or something else after they started taking CBD. From that, I can say that CBD is actually really safe and will not make your teeth worse. Moreover, including CBD in your routine and oral hygiene you will get a relief from pain, but also fight the bacteria in you mouth that can erode your teeth.

How to use CBD oil for gum disease

The way to use CBD oil for gum disease is to use CBD tincture, which is placed under the tongue and held in the mouth for a minute or two. Another way is to add CBD tincture to any drink and consume it with drinking. However, it is proved that a method where you put CBD in your mouth and hold it for a kittle time is the best way to get the most benefits, as you make sure that high percentage of CBD gets absorbed in your body. You can also add CBD oil to your tooth paste or mouthwash in order to get the most out of treating your gum disease. It will definitely help you to achieve better results sooner. The thing I like about CBD is that you can adjust how you take it. You can add it to your toothpaste and there is no need to buy a separate product with CBD. And I think, this is great!

CBD toothpaste and dental products: Is it a thing? Does it work?

There are many different products with CBD available on the market, as the CBD industry grows. There are different mouthwashes with CBD, oral ailments or balms. CBD can reduce inflammation on your mouth and reduce bacteria, which can definitely help you if you are struggling with gum disease. However, CBD industry is still new and not enough research is available to prove the effectiveness of these products. That’s why it is important to track people’s testimonies and reviews in order to see if that work. However, what I can say is that CBD industry is a very fast-growing industry and now you can find everything you need with CBD. If you have hardship with finding the toothpaste or mouthwash or maybe some other treatments, I’m sure there soon will be solution, if they are not existing yet. If you want to get rid of severe pain after oral surgery, CBD oil will also help you here. You can get a pad and dip it in CBD. Then put it in the space where there was a procedure. This will definitely help you to relax and relieve the pain, as these CBD pads will work as analgetic.

Could CBD help receding gums?

CBD has shown to have anti-bacterial, analgesic and antiseptic properties, which may be very good for receding gums. Adding a little bit of CBD to your oral hygiene routine will help you to improve the health of your gums. People can also suffer from inflamed gums, which is caused by the poor oral hygiene, such as ineffective brushing or scrubbing teeth and gums too hard that causes bleeding. CBD will work here perfectly as it will help to reduce the inflammation and kill the bacteria that causes all of the terrible symptoms. CBD can be helpful, but it is good to remember that it is not the only solution that exists when it comes to oral health. CBD is a very good supplement that will make other treatments more effective. But you should not only rely on CBD, when you working on your oral hygiene.

CBD side effects

Of course, CBD has some side effects. However, CBD is considered to be safe and not harmful for the body in general. The side effects of CBD include:

  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety

But mostly, these side effects are considered to be minor. Moreover, it is good to know that CBD can interact with other prescribed medications. That’s why if you take any other medicine, you have to talk to your doctor in order to start taking CBD, as taking CBD with other pills can cause worsening of your condition. Also, do not eat grapefruit, when you are taking CBD. They can interact and you will not get a needed result, moreover you can get unwanted reaction of this interaction, which should be definitely avoided.

CBD oil for gum disease: final verdict

CBD or cannabidiol may help with keeping the oral hygiene as it regulates the endocannabinoid system as well as having antibacterial properties. With having a few drops of CBD oil added to your tooth paste you can improve the health of your gums and let your mouth heal from the damage caused by gum disease or other bacteria. I believe, CBD is a great addition to your oral health routine, as it will make your tooth paste of mouthwash more effective. You can also search for options, which are available online, for example tooth paste with CBD etc. There are so many different ways you can use CBD. This is amazing, because you can adjust everything to your hygiene routine and see what works the best for you.

I’m sure that CBD will be a great supplement not only for your gum and oral health in general, but for your whole body. CBD will help you to relax, relieve the pain and get rid of inflammation of there is some unwanted bacteria in your body. Another thing to say here is that you should not treat CBD as the only solution that will save your gums from gum disease. You should remember your gums need a proper care and there are many treatment available in pharmacies, which are very effective and will help you to get rid of this problem as soon as it’s possible. You need to put extra efforts into the care of your mouth, because without that you will not achieve the wanted results. Also, it is very important to mention that you should definitely consult with your doctor before adding CBD to your routine. This is because CBD can cause different reactions in different people, so if you are allergic to something, please be careful with CBD. Remember that CBD can also interact with prescription medicine.

Now it’s your turn

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