How does Receptra Naturals CBD’s quality and value measure up?

CBD is the buzz word on everybody’s lips, with early-stage scientific research pointing toward a miraculous multi-healing plant medicine. Animal studies have already indicated that CBD has the ability to heal gastrointestinal issues, promote sleep, support emotional well-being, act as an anti-spasmodic, reduce inflammation and effectively relieve pain. With so many medicinal properties, it is no wonder that CBD has been touted as a miraculous breakthrough in the world of modern medicine. However, while research and qualitative statistics reflect the effective nature of CBD, scientists are still trying to pin down exactly how it works.

For this reason CBD is not yet prescribed by traditional medical practitioners, and so it’s necessary to do a bit of homework in order to find a reputable source. While home-made CBD contains a host of pure and natural benefits, the flipside of investing in your neighbour’s DIY project, is that the dosage has not been verified, leaving a little too much guesswork for a medical alternative. Even if you know and trust the supplier, and the CBD is indeed pure, it isn’t really wise to dose without an exact idea of quantity. While it is impossible to “overdose” on CBD, it’s not necessary to drink litres of the stuff either, provided it’s the real-deal of course.

Unfortunately there are a number of businesses who have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, with little to no concern for the actual well-being of their clients. In pursuit of pure profit, these companies take shortcuts such as using low-quality hemp, diluting the CBD with chemicals, using pesticides, and failing to test each batch for consistency of dosage. This is just plain wrong, considering that they are selling less effective and harmful products, to suffering people looking for medicinal relief. Fortunately Receptra Naturals provides a solution by offering access to third-party lab results for each individual batch. The findings can be found on their website, simply by entering the product code.

What is Receptra Naturals?

Receptra Naturals was founded in 2016 and grows their hemp on family-owned farms in Colorado, an ideal climate for the production of hemp. The company is committed to using sustainable eco-friendly farming techniques, and their products are one hundred percent organic. Receptra Naturals offers some of the highest quality CBD on the market, lab-verified as completely free of harmful toxins and chemicals. The company displays a genuinely caring spirit, evident in their Receptra Gives program, which supports a number of non-profit organisations. Their outreach extends to war veterans, animals and to the environment as well. With such generosity and humanitarian values, it is clear the Receptra Naturals cares about the well-being of their clients.

Is Receptra CBD organic?

Receptra Naturals extracts CBD from 100% organic premium hemp flowers, guaranteeing the finest quality of CBD. To preserve the high standards of the CBD, the Receptra hemp is cloned from hand-picked mother plants, and cultivated on-site using natural processes. The plants are grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides or chemicals of any nature, and instead thousands of ladybirds are used to keep any pests away from the plants.

After the plants have been harvested, they are naturally sun-dried before the leaves are removed from the stems by hand. This process is undertaken by the entire Receptra Naturals team from farm workers to chemists (and even the corporate staff). By cultivating the hemp in this way, it retains the terpene properties that Receptra has become famous for, and preserves the best parts of the plant.

Is Receptra Naturals CBD any good?

The Receptra farms are located in a valley that has been revered for its ideal agricultural conditions for hundreds of years. I first discovered Receptra Naturals two years ago when I developed stomach ulcers, and needed to find the purest form of CBD available. I had previously been using a diluted form of CBD for headaches, but the chemicals in my low-quality CBD had started to cause additional harm to my stomach lining.

A friend told me about the pure organic practices at Receptra Naturals, and I decided to give it a try. Their products immediately stood out to me for their potent effectiveness, even with a lower dosage. Instead of taking 5 drops of low quality CBD for my headaches, I found the pain to dissipate after only 2 drops of Receptra Naturals Pro CBD oil. Additionally, making the switch to Receptra helped me to heal my stomach lining entirely and now my ulcers are completely gone.

Receptra Naturals CBD product guide


Receptra Naturals offers a range of CBD oils in varying sizes and dosages, with a THC-free option available as well. The oils offer a choice of either fresh berry or unflavoured CBD.

• Receptra Active CBD Oil
Full spectrum oils available in bottles of 250mg/15ml, 500mg/30ml and 750mg/60ml. Ideal those new to CBD, this mild CBD profile can assist with energy levels and concentration.

• Receptra Elite 0% THC
THC-free oils available in a bottle of 1000mg/30ml. Ideal for the daily treatment of moderate to severe health issues, this option is great for anyone with concerns about THC.

• Receptra Elite CBD Oil
This full spectrum oil is available in bottles of 500mg/15ml, 1000mg/30ml and 2000mg/60ml. Ideal for the daily treatment of mild to moderate health conditions.

• Receptra Plus CBD Oil
Full spectrum oils available in bottles of 750mg/15ml, 1500mg/30ml and 3000mg/60ml. Ideal for the daily treatment of moderate to severe health issues.

• Receptra Prime CBD Oil
Ideal for mild health concerns, Receptra Prime is a full-spectrum CBD oil available in bottles of 375mg/15ml, 750mg/30ml and 1500mg/60ml.

• Receptra Pro CBD Oil
Full spectrum oils available in bottles of 1000mg/15ml, 2000mg/30ml and 4000mg/60ml. The Receptra Pro is blended with vitamins including Omega 3 and 6, and is the strongest CBD on offer.


Topicals, or creams, offer an effective anti-inflammatory treatment designed to target specific areas. CBD contains a host of powerful anti-oxidants too and so can also be used to combat early signs of aging. Receptra topicals are available in high-strength creams for muscle and joint injuries, as well as lower doses within a body-butter for beautification purposes. The medicinal topicals are available in 400mg/35g and 800mg/70g products. There is also a THC-free option up for grabs, as well as a lip balm and two different wellness packages that offer a combination of products.

CBD For Pets

Available in four different sizes and strengths, the CBD oil for pets can assist with digestion, joint issues and overall immune boosting. With three original formulas for average-sized pets and the plus-formula for larger animals such as horses, Receptra’s pet CBD oils are available in 5ml, 15ml and 30 ml bottles.

0% THC

The Receptra Naturals range of 0% THC products are suitable for treating moderate health conditions, and come in the form of an oil or a topical.

Should I use Receptra Naturals CBD on my pet?

Most animals and household pets have an endocannabinoid system (like humans) that responds perfectly to the beneficial properties of CBD. CBD can be used for dogs, cats, horses and other small animals. The World Health Organization released a statement in 2017 to confirm the safety of giving CBD to pets. I use CBD for my adopted cat, and he went from wild to tame within a week. When giving CBD to animals, it is particularly important to use a toxin-free CBD, because animal bodies are not used to unnatural substances. For this reason Receptra Naturals is the ideal organic CBD to give to pets, because of the purity and verification of their production processes.

Final Verdict: Is Receptra CBD legit?

With handpicked hemp and one hundred percent organic practices, Receptra CBD is among the highest quality of CBD on the market. Offering products in varying sizes and strengths, as well as THC-free options, Receptra caters to the health of both humans and animals. I have been a loyal customer of Receptra Naturals for two years, and have found the products effective in the treatment of pain, stomach ulcers and cat behavioural issues. Each batch of Receptra’s CBD can be verified online by typing in the product code, for full transparency of lab results. The quality-assured CBD company genuinely cares about health and has several outreach programs for war veterans, animals and the planet. Receptra CBD is the real deal, and I personally recommend the company to anyone looking for pure and potent CBD.

Now It’s Your Turn

When I was first looking into CBD companies to source high quality and regulated CBD, I relied one hundred percent on qualitative data such as online reviews and word of mouth. If you have a story about CBD products or anything cannabis related, please feel free to share your thoughts below and add to the forum! The mission of this website is to create an educational database where patients can peruse the unbiased testimonies to form an opinion about the medical use of CBD. Those new to CBD can benefit from taking a look at the various opinions and experiences of this miraculous plant extract. You never know if your story could be the one to make a real difference!