A Complete Overview Of Elixinol

If you’ve been doing research on CBD Oil then you’ve probably heard of Elixinol. It’s one of the original products in the category and has grown in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. But, is Elixinol legit and is it worth the money?

Well, I’m pleased to report that the answer to both questions in ‘Yes’. In fact, in my opinion, Elixinol is one of the best CBD products on the market. I’ve recommended it to several friends and family members and would certainly recommend it to you. Why do I think it’s one of the best? Keep reading my full review to find out.

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But first…

Some Quick Background

Before diving in, let me give you some background on my history and use of CBD oil.

You see, although I have a website dedicated to cannabis education, I was fairly late to try CBD oil. Of course I’d heard lots about it but had never gotten around to purchasing some until 2017.

What got me interested at first was a friend of mine who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He had been using CBD to great effect to help him minimize his shaking and anxiety.

After talking to him one day, I figured it was about time I give it a try. While I don’t consider myself a particularly anxious person, I feel the stresses of life like everyone and figured this could help. On top of that, I was in the midst of training for a marathon and had heard CBD Oil can help with reducing inflammation and aid in exercise recovery.

I order a tincture online and within a couple of days had it in my hot little hands. After trying it for a couple of weeks, I realized that…

Elixinol Is Totally Legit

Overall I think Elixinol CBD Oil is a great choice if you are looking for a high quality product of this type. The promise of CBD oil is that it can deliver relief for a whole range of ailments. Now, the jury is still out on whether it is as effective as many people say. But I can testify that after using Elixinol I felt less anxious and more relaxed than I have in a long time. Since that first use I have been using it daily (on and off) and it aids in exercise recovery as well as my mental health.

Elixinol comes in a wide range of different products but the one I’ve had the most experience with is the straight oil tincture. It comes in a couple of flavors but I prefer the coconut extract (you can also get mint). To consume it you just drip the oil directly onto your tongue. Depending on your tolerance you might need one drop or several. I’ve also written out some more detailed dosage instructions. Once taken you will begin to feel the positive effects within a short time.

There’s obviously a lot more to say and talk about. However rather than get bogged down in specifics I thought I’d start the review by expressing my positivity toward the product. I cannot recommend it enough and have done so to many of my friends.

Determining The Elixinol Dosage

When it comes to dosage for CBD oil there is no exact science. What it really comes down to is a matter of personal preference. How I determined the correct dosage for me was to go in small steps. I followed the following steps:

  • Start Small
    I started off using only one drop from the tincture. That was about 1/3 of a ml. I’ve known others who started with a higher volume but I would always begin on less rather than more if you are concerned.
  • Increase Slowly
    Determine if that small amount is enough for you. To do that, you should know why you are taking CBD and which symptoms you want to improve. If one drop is enough to get that improvement then you are probably in the right spot.
  • Find Your Threshold
    I can’t stress enough that it’s important to find your sweet spot. If 1ml is where you feel the most relief then stay with that volume until you no longe experience the same effects.

You will also build up a tolerance to this over time. That’s why its important to stick to your threshold so as not to need more and more which can become expensive rather quickly.

Backed By Certificate of Analysis (COA)

CBD Oil and cannabis is still a fairly unregulated industry. While I wouldn’t say it’s the wild west (where anything goes), it’s certainly not as tightly regulated as the supplements industry. It’s for that reason that many of the companies in this space release what’s known as a ‘Certificate Of Analysis’. This certificate will outline what chemicals and minerals are present in the oil. A reputable company will freely publish this information, as they have nothing to hide.

Elixinol certainly do so! Their certificates are sent with each product so you can see exactly what’s in it and feel comfortable knowing it’s safe.

Is Elixinol a Reputable Company?

Before purchasing any product I like to know who I’m dealing with. I always do my due diligence to make sure that the companies I buy from are reputable, not scammy and deliver what they say. For Elixinol I made no exceptions to this rule.

I looked into the company itself and the team behind the products. Let my OCD about buying decisions be your guide as I break down some of the facts behind the gang who bring you this CBD oil.

From my research it seems that the company has two bases; one in Colorado and the other in Australia. This actually makes total sense when you look into the founder of the company. The founders name is Paul Benhaim and he actually has experience in the cannabis space prior to this.

You see, Paul is also the owner of Hemp Foods Australia. This is a company I’m actually familiar with, having purchased some of their products before. I actually bought some hemp seeds (which are totally legal) and they were delivered on time and the product was great.

This gives me a lot of confidence. Both companies appear reputable and deliver kick ass products for us hemp lovers.

Something I take seriously in my shopping is customer service. As I said above I like to know who I’m buying from and that, should there be a problem, that they’ll look after me. I’m pleased to report that the shipping was fast, communication excellent and the customer support fantastic. There is really no other grade to give these guys than 5 stars for this part of the business.

What Are The Benefits Of Elixinol?

The first question I had when looking into the different oils around was ‘do they help’? Once I settled on Elixinol as a possible choice this logically led to the next question; ‘does Elixinol help?’. I was starting to feel as if CBD oil was being touted as this elixir (hey, Elixinol!) of life and a cure all for dozens of different chronic problems. While I can’t attest to the claims for every issue it definitely had a huge benefit on me.

I felt I could relax more and regulate my mood a little better. I didn’t feel as snappy or grumpy at many of the usual things that might annoy me. Funnily enough this was one of the same reasons I enjoy marijuana. But I don’t like being stoned all the time so this was a much better option. That was the main benefit for me but there are several other well documented ones others experienced.

For example, CBD oil and therefore Elixinol by extension can help with seizures, epilepsy and chronic pain. I wasn’t suffering from any of these but the tidal wave of positive feedback cannot be denied. This stuff helps and the Elixinol benefits cannot be ignored!

Are There Any Elixinol Side Effects?

Whenever any new dietary supplement comes to market there is a curiosity about what the side effects might be. While it isn’t a scientific barometer, I thought I would talk about my own experience first and then the science. On a personal level I experienced zero negative side effects while using the oil. If using too much you may feel a bit tired but it would take a very large dose to impair your judgement at all.

This corroborates well with what studies have shown. To date there has been no scientific evidence presented that using CBD oil causes negative effects. On the contrary, in many cases people have been quite astonished by the huge amount of positive benefits.

It’s a common concern that CBD oil will have the same effects as marijuana. This is actually not true as CBD oil does not contain THC, this is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you ‘stoned ‘ or ‘high’. Since THC is not present you will not receive any of the psychoactive effects that you would if you smoked marijuana. This is one huge reason why CBD oil in general has increased in popularity. All the upside without the downside!

Where Can You Buy Elixinol?

Aaaah the most important part of any review and in the words of Jerry Macguire… “show me the money!”. The first thing to know about the price of CBD Oil is that in general it isn’t cheap. You are purchasing a product that is expensive to produce and of very high quality if bought from a reputable company. That being said Elixinol is not cheap BUT it is certainly comparably priced to other products on the market. It’s all relative after all so if you need CBD oil you’ll be getting a good deal buying from these guys.

The cheapest way to get Elixinol is directly through their website . The tincture I use ranges from $39.99 for a smaller bottle (300mg) all the way up to $249.99 for a larger bottle containing 3600mg. To decide what dosage you will need and how long both those sizes might last you check out our CBD oil dosage information.

A big downside of CBD Oil in general is that it isn’t available on Amazon.com. The reason is that the legalities are still a little iffy, and my guess is that old Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, doesn’t want to risk it.

My Final Verdict

If you’ve made it all the way here you can probably tell that I’m a huge fan of this product. I fully admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for because it was the first CBD Oil I tried. However, I still think I can objectively say that of all the companies out there Elixinol is one of the best. Their product, business and customer service are all at a very high level.

I truly believe that this is a product that will help to make a lot of people lives better all over the world. It’s for that reason I don’t hesitate, even for 1 second, to recommend Elixinol in this review. I’m almost certain you will not regret purchasing it. With that my work here is done for the day. Thank you for reading my review.

What is your experience with Elixinol? Did you try it and were you happy? Let me know in the comments below. You’ll be helping in our mission to educate the world on the best cannabis products and treatments.