My honest review of CBDfx CBD oil

While there are numerous healing benefits found in both medical marijuana and CBD, the main difference is that CBD has no intoxicating spinoffs whatsoever. Medicinal science points towards a bright healthy future for the human race, with early stage research pointing toward the treatment of over seventy different conditions. The hype around CBD is not without basis, and with lab-certified CBD there are multiple reports of health improvements in the body, mind and soul.

The key is to find a reliable distributor, as low-quality CBD can do more harm than good. Fortunately you seem to be on the right track, with CBDfx delivering a wide range of high quality CBD products. I have personally been a loyal customer for over two years now, and I can tell you first hand that the company is legit. After making the switch from my previously low-grade CBD source, I experienced the miracle of CBD myself.

Alternating between the CBDfx oils and capsules, I simultaneously healed a minor sleeping disorder, major anxiety and even my stress-related stomach ulcers. As a result I am not only healthier, but wealthier in time and money. I no longer have to schedule annoyingly vague doctor’s appointments to get a script, or struggle to pay for three different varieties of prescription medication. As an added bonus, the CBD is delivered straight to my doorstep, so I now skip the queues and dispensary interactions entirely.

Read on to learn exactly what makes CBDfx products so effective, and prepare to be amazed by their premium quality and diverse product lines.

What is CBD oil? What is it used for?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabis-derived plant extract with numerous healing properties and beautification benefits. As you may have heard, cannabis is a species of plant notoriously associated with the psychoactive properties found in marijuana. The intoxicating compound in marijuana is known as THC, and only trace amounts are included in full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD is actually an extract of the hemp plant (marijuana’s cousin), and is categorized as containing less than 0.3 percent THC. In fact, CBD oil is so incapable of inducing a high, that the World Health Organization has declared it as “safe to consume in large doses.” It is so safe that the extract has been cleared suitable for young children, as long as they are over the age of two.

CBD is an incredibly versatile plant-medicine and can be vaped, taken orally, applied topically or even taken in suppository form! For those concerned about miniscule percentages of THC in full-spectrum oils, there are also THC-free products widely available on the market. However, trace amounts of THC found in full-spectrum CBD is actually good for you, working alongside CBD to maximize the healing effects. As a result there are no reports of any marijuana-related side effects from full-spectrum CBD (with the exception of cannabis allergies – which only affects 1% of all users). Even though CBD is still in the early stages of scientific research, the product has earned millions of glowing reports in the form of unbiased user reviews.

Despite the fact that scientists can’t explain how CBD works, it has been proven in numerous pre-clinical trials to have a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional conditions. In light of the multiple healing benefits, the plant extract is currently at the forefront of modern medicine, predicted to treat over seventy different ailments. These range from illness and injury to anxiety, depression, anger management or stress. Scientific evidence confirms that the substance stimulates the hippocampus (or emotional control centre of the brain), causing an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. Additionally, studies done on rats have indicated that CBD promotes the healing of gastrointestinal conditions, as well as speeding up recovery from fractures and tendonitis.

But the benefits don’t stop there, and CBD is primarily revered for its potent pain-relieving properties. This is backed by neuroscience, with brain scans showing that the plant-extract “blocks” the body from registering pain. As an all-round healer CBD can be used to combat inflammation too, providing relief for muscular and joint issues in topical form. There are so many medical conditions that can be treated with the hemp-derivative that it would simply be impractical to list them all here. However one last benefit that should be mentioned, is that CBD can be used as a multi-purpose beauty product as well. Due to its numerous antioxidants, CBD can be used to stimulate hair growth, rejuvenate the skin and strengthen the nails.

Quality and value: How does CBDfx measure up?

As with all medicines, it is imperative to acquire CBD oil from a reliable source. So before you are hoodwinked by the cheapest CBD company you can find, consider the fact that high quality CBD is an investment in your health. Before I found CBDfx I went through a number of uncertified CBD products, which ultimately ended up costing me more in doctors’ bills. The thing about companies that aren’t lab verified is that they often dilute their CBD products with chemicals, meaning they are not only ineffective but pretty harmful as well. Due to my stomach ulcer problems, when I was using cheaper imports I found my issues getting much worse. You see, while pure CBD is known to heal the stomach lining, CBD mixed with any chemicals will actually worsen gastrointestinal ailments.

After realizing that my attempts to save cash were actually adding to my expenses, I decided to thoroughly investigate high-quality CBD. Out of all the companies reputed for premium CBD, I found that CBDfx was the one that catered most to my needs. Every single one of their products have been extracted from 100% organic hemp, as well as tested in a laboratory for purity and quality assurance. These reports are made public on their website, so it is literally guaranteed that CBDfx is reliable. After switching to CBDfx my health issues disappeared in a few months, and it just goes to show that high quality products make a real difference with something like CBD.  While I prefer to use the tinctures and capsules , they offer delicious tropical flavours in gummies , Vape Juice and CBD drinks .

Is CBDfx full spectrum?

Ninety-nine percent of the CBDfx products are full-spectrum, and so far I have only come across one product which is THC-free. The Unicorn bottle of Vape Juice contains zero THC and comes in a mouthwatering strawberry-jelly-donut flavour. The rest of their products, including edibles, topicals, oils and capsules, are all full-spectrum and contain trace amounts of beneficial THC. The organic CBDfx products offer the best of the Hemp plant, with the combination of THC and CBD working together to maximize healing. They don’t make you high, and I can personally testify that they have effectively treated three of my own (serious) health issues.

CBDfx Product Guide

CBD Drinks
CBD shots containing L-Theanine are available in lemon and berry, each 60ml bottle containing a dosage of 20mg.

CBD Face Masks
CBDfx offers a range of facemasks infused with 20mg CBD and other beneficial ingredients including cucumber, rose, lavender, charcoal and aloevera.

CBD Capsules
Vegan capsules are available in bottles of 30 or packages of 8, each capsule containing 25mg CBD.

CBDfx RAW Dabs is THC-free and suitable for any dab rigs, delivering a whopping 300mg of CBD per 1g.

There are 5 different choices of fruit-flavoured gummies, ranging in strength from 40mg to 300mg per package.

In addition to the delicious gummies, CBDfx also offers CBD breath-mint in dosages of 5mg per sublingual strip.

CBDfx offers three unflavoured tinctures in 30ml bottles of 100mg, 150mg and 300mg; suited to small, medium and large animals respectively.

Available in 30ml bottles in a variety of fruity and natural flavours, the full-spectrum CBD oils offer a selection of 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg per bottle.

CBDfx boasts a range of creams and balms that can be used for the relief of inflamed muscles and joints.

Vape Juice
For the Vapers out there CBDfx offers a wide range of CBD-infused fruity flavours, as well as unflavoured products.

Final verdict: Should I use CBDfx?

CBDfx is a reputable CBD company that you can rely on to provide high quality CBD in a variety of different products. In my personal experience, their products have proved remarkably effective and I have managed to ditch three different prescription medications now for good. Over the two years that I have been a faithful customer of CBDfx, I have used a combination of CBD capsules and oils daily for the successful management of my anxiety and mild insomnia. Before using the CBD products from CBDfx I also suffered from stomach ulcers, but these are completely healed now and the high quality products have helped me to turn my life around. Their topicals are also super, and my girlfriend (who is an avid runner) swears by the balm to relieve any stiffness in her joints and muscles.

Now it’s your turn

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