CBD Oil For Sunburn

Don’t we all like to soak up the sun and get a good tan during holiday and in summer? But this is more dangerous than it seems. The sun can be very damaging to human skin. It can predispose you to skin cancer and age your skin faster than normal. You know you have been in the sun far too long or you have not taken the necessary precautions to safeguard your skin when it becomes red and starts burning. This is not a good sign. CBD sunscreens and oil can help protect your skin against a nasty sunburn. This way you can end up getting that tan you have always wanted and also avoid any adverse outcomes. Let’s try to find out more on this.


Is CBD oil good for treating sunburn?

Yes! It has been proven over time and again that CBD has many uses. One of it is the protection it provides against a bad sunburn. Sun rays have free radicals that when in contact with our skin causes it to break. The skin breaks as result of these free radicals attacking the integrity of collagen in our skin. This is what causes our skin to age faster, making way for early appearance of wrinkles, saggy skin and fine lines. CBD has anti-oxidants in them which neutralises the free radicals of the sun rays, thereby cancelling the negative effect it has on the skin. Therefore, CBD sunscreens should be a must before going out in the sun.

CBD and the skin: What’s going on?

A sunburn is actually an inflammatory reaction. It means that our own skin is trying to heal itself from the damage that has been caused by the sun. As a result of this inflammatory response, the skin becomes more sensitive than normal. It can become red, swollen and in worst case scenarios, even blister. In the final stages it will become scaly and start peeling off. Initially though it may look much damaged, it will eventually heal with new skin. But when the skin is in the sensitive phase, it is quite dangerous as it is prone to many harmful reactions. Therefore, the best is to avoid a sunburn.

There are many properties in CBD infused sunscreens that make them ideal for sunburns. Most important is that it has no artificial ingredients. Cannabidiol is a natural oil that is extracted from resin glands of Cannabis plants. It can also be extracted from hemp which is a more industrial form of the plant. As it is all natural, it only makes the natural process of skin healing faster. CBD is known for how it affects the immune system of our body. Its anti-inflammatory property helps reduce symptoms like arthritis pain, seizures, and many other. And this same property helps with managing a sunburn as well. Application of CBD on a sunburn will make the look of inflammation less on the skin. Your skin will look less angry and red, and the swelling will reduce. Also, it will relieve the pain and have a cooling effect which would make you feel less distress. Furthermore, CBD oil is very nourishing on the skin. Therefore, the new skin that is being formed will be healthy and glowing.

What is CBD infused sunscreen? Does it work?

Usually sunscreen comes as SPF formulas which means it has the ability to protect you against UV radiation which is the most dangerous sun rays to human skin. Exposure to these rays can trigger development of skin cancer. Therefore, it is advised to wear a sunscreen with SPF. But in some people with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it is found that sunscreens can exacerbate the condition. CBD sunscreens on the other hand are the perfect solution to this problem. CBD not only has the ability to increase the protection against harmful sun rays but also its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties cause the skin to be smooth and less irritated. CBD sunscreens usually come as both SPF and CBD infused. Therefore you have double the benefits.

The best CBD sunscreens

  1. Sativa valley essential . This is an all-natural sun block with SPF 30 which gets absorbed into the skin very fast and has an immediate cooling effect to relieve the pain of sunburn. There is also aloe Vera gel and green tea extract found in this. It is a mineral based sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium oxide.
  1. CaniSun CBD infused sunscreen . This comes in 3 different SPF strengths: 30, 50 and 55.
  1. Full spectrum CBD sunscreen by savage CBD . This is mineral based sunscreen which comes as 30 SPF with CBD, Aloe Vera and Shea butter to keep your skin not only protected but also smooth and soft. It comes in a compact bottle which is great for travelling, especially on holidays.
  1. NeuCana Active CBD Sun Protection . Whole flower CBD has come with a sunscreen that is organic. It not only blocks the sun but also prevents UV light penetrating the skin. Along with whole flower CBD, there is also hemp oil, vitamin E, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa and Shea butter in this sunscreen.
  1. Spyder CBD-Infused Sunscreen . This is 50 SPF and is zinc based, therefore is environmentally friendly. Helps protects the coral reefs. It is fragrant. It also has jojoba seed oil, avocado, aloe Vera and carrots in their ingredients as well.

The best CBD oils for sunburn

  1. Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture . This is a very cost effective oil that helps reduce inflammation associated with sunburn. They can be unflavored or flavored with chocolate, vanilla or mint flavoring. It is a full spectrum hemp extract product.
  1. Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oil . This also has sunflower and coconut oil in its ingredients which are further nourishing to your body. It is a good CBD oil product to start with if you are a newbie to CBD use.
  1. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture . This comes in various flavors like watermelon, strawberry and citrus. It also has hemp oil, organic MTC oil and flavoring with essential oils. This has relatively low content of CBD.
  1. Eureka Effects Full Spectrum CBD . This oil helps reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. Also helps to get rid of anxiety and depressive symptoms. Promotes a good night’s rest as well.
  1. Zion Medicinals Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil . This is unflavored but has excellent effect on maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Here, they use a process called spagyric processing to form the product. The parts of plant remaining burnt to form white ash which is then filtered with hemp salts and mixed together to increase the medicinal effect of hemp.

Does CBD have side effects?

CBD has no major side effects. Some worry about the ‘high’ effect of CBD. But this is a misconception among people. CBD in itself does not make you high. However if the CBD product is composed of hemp, then there is a very minute amount of THC which is what gives you a high. But this amount is so minute in CBD products that it doesn’t give you that high you would expect. However, it can interfere with other drugs you take. For example, antidepressants. Therefore, one should always consult a doctor before starting CBD, especially if you have any other conditions that you are taking drugs for. While CBD sunscreens have sun blocking effects and also soothing effect on the skin, it is important that you use a CBD sunscreen with SPF to ensure there is proper protection. CBD that is ingested have more risk of side effects which are rare such as dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea, and light headedness. However, topical preparations like CBD sunscreen will have even less risk of developing these side effects.

Final verdict: Is CBD oil good for sunburn?

The final verdict is quite clear. CBD adds another significant benefit to its long list of pros. It’s an all-natural ingredient that promotes the natural process of skin healing from sunburn. Its anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants help skin to heal effectively and efficiently. It helps get rid of the redness and pain associated with a nasty sunburn. Furthermore, it protects skin from getting burnt from the sun in the first place. CBD in sunscreens can come as lotions or oils. Lotions come with SPF which further protects skin from harmful UV rays.

Now it’s your turn

What is your say in all this? If you are not convinced on what CBD can do for sunburn, then you must do more research to find evidence. There are many websites that can help you with this. It is only a search away. You will be surprised on what you might find and wonder why you didn’t start CBD treatment earlier. Your mind and skin will be grateful for the addition of CBD sunscreen into your daily skin care routine.