Does CBD Oil Provide Relief For Essential Tremor Sufferers?

It wasn’t so long along that almost all chronic diseases were treated with prescription medication. It’s only in the last few years that alternate medicines and cannabis have even been allowed into the conversation. Particularly with the explosion of CBD oil onto the market.

Indeed, one of the promising aspects of CBD is it’s ability to provide relief for a large set of diseases. In particular, it appears to be a god-send in helping anxiety based problems and neurological issues. We’re seeing very positive results in treatment for things like Parkinsons and Essential Tremor.

While the jury is still out, my aim with this article is to provide you with a solid foundation. I’d like to educate a little on the evidence so far and use it to determine of CBD oil really can help sufferers of Essential Tremor. But first, a little background.

What Is Essential Tremor?

What Is Essential Tremor

If you are reading this there’s a very good chance you know what Essential Tremor is already. If that’s the case I invite you to scroll a little further down the page and check out further information. However, I think it’s important to give a little background so that those that may not be as aware have a solid foundation.

Some of you may be researching CBD oil for a friend or family member suffering with the disease. This isn’t uncommon as the stigma associated with cannabis often  leads people to rule it out as a treatment altogether. Leaving the research up to someone without the associated baggage.

That being said, let’s take a quick look at exactly what Essential Tremor is.

The shortest explanation is to say that it is a neurological disorder causing the body, usually the hands or other extremities, to shake in an uncontrollable manner. If you’ve ever had a finger or muscle twitch that you weren’t able to control that may give you some understanding (although it is much more severe than that). While it isn’t 100% certain what causes Essential Tremor, the most widely help scientific belief is that it’s caused by a genetic mutation of some kind within the brain. You might describe it as a short circuit or incorrectly wired piece that leaves those suffering unable to maintain control.

While this may not sound like a big deal and is not life threatening, it can cause a great deal of pain and frustration to those suffering from it. My grandmother, toward the end of her life, suffered from shaking hands and on more than one occasion got incredibly mad at her plight. I wish CBD oil had been around to help her at the time (more on that later).

The constant tension of the muscles, combined with not being able to do simple things like open ajar or turn a page in a book can lead to sever stress and anxiety. The bad news is that this only worsens the condition leading to a vicious feedback loop.

While essential tremor as a disorder is not life threatening, it can cause a great deal of frustration for those suffering from it. Imagine not being able to write, open a jar or in extreme cases use the bathroom yourself and you may have some idea of what people suffering have to deal with. No wonder many are looking to CBD oil as a possible cure.

What Are Some Of the Symptoms

There are several common symptoms of essential tremor which are:

  • Uncontrollable shaking at random times
  • Shaking of the voice and nodding of the head
  • Heightened stress leading to increased shaking
  • Trouble balancing

CBD Oil To The Rescue

Right – now that we have a good understanding of what Essential Tremor is, it’s time to find out if CBD and cannabis related medicine can actually help.

The good news is that CBD oil has proven to be quite a good in providing relief for those suffering with Essential Tremors. In fact, of all the things CBD promises to assist with neurological problems like this are one of the main ones. At the moment most of the evidence is anecdotal but even so the feedback has been almost universally positive.

What do I mean by that?

Well, there are still several restrictions placed on studying cannabis in a scientific setting. My belief is that this is a remnant left over from the severely misguided War on Drugs. That being the case it’s actually very difficult to find any scientific research on CBD, although that is beginning to change.

This is a big problem in my opinion. As long as CBD oil remains an illicit substance in several US states (and country wide in places like Australia) it will be difficult to collate any meaningful scientific data.

However, as I sad before the anecdotal evidence is truly overwhelming and almost unanimously positive. Online forums like Reddit and Quora are flooded with overwhelmingly positive stores of people whose symptoms have been completed eradicated by using CBD. Further more, CBD advocacy groups on places like Facebook show so many positive stories that I cannot believe anything but.

How Does CBD Oil Prevent Essential Tremors

The answer to this question remains quite elusive once again, because we simply do not have the science to back things up. However, when looking at traditional treatments for tremors combined with what we do know about CBD we can make some educated guesses. Please be advised though that I’m not a medical professional. Although I’m the Cannabis Tutor much of this has just come from my own personal research.

A traditional treatment when the tremors flair up is to calm down and relax. By getting into a more controlled head space people seem more able to get a handle on thins so to speak. For many suffering from Essential Tremors the symptoms flair up when they are anxious or in a heightened state of stress. Now, not only has CBD proven to be helpful for neurological disorders, it’s an absolute god send to those suffering from symptoms of anxiety.

I believe the two things may be related. The CBD relaxes the patient, which in turn helps them calm down which is turn minimizes the symptoms of essential tremors. Then a positive feedback loop occurs rather than the negative one we alluded to earlier.

CBD Dosage For Essential Tremors

When it coms to CBD on of the most common questions I receive is around dosage. People want to know things such as:

  • How much should I take?
  • When should I take it?
  • Should I take it in tincture, capsule or edible form?

The truth is that there is no right answer! Each and every person is different, has different needs and tolerances and therefore will have to try as best they can to figure out exactly the dosage that’s perfect for them. What I can give guidance on is how to best to figure out the right dosage for you.

The first thing to do is start small. There is no need to go overboard with the dosage, especially if it’s your first time. Start with a single drop or even a half drop twice per day, morning and night. Assess your symptoms and see how it makes you feel. If you find relief, then great, you have found a good dosage. If however you found it wasn’t enough then I’d suggest slowly increasing things.

Increase your dosage by 1/2 drop at a time and try again for a few days. Once you’ve found the perfect amount stick with it until your tolerance builds up, which it may.

If you find your tolerance building up over time you can try two things. Take a break for a while as this may reset your system, enabling you to take a smaller dose for a time. Try a different brand as some brands do seem to have different effects on different people.

In summary, start small and slowly build up over time. That will enable you to find the perfect amount to keep your Essential Tremor in check as well as minimize the amount of CBD you need. Which can be quite expensive when used for a chronic illness like this.

Best CBD Oils For Essential Tremors

Much like the dosage question there really is no CBD brand that is right for everyone. Like the above advice on simply suggest that you choose what’s right for you. However, to get you started I’ve ranked the best brands below based on my own findings.

1. Elixinol
2. Charlottes Web
3. Green Roads
4. Pure Kana
5. Pure CBD
6. CBDistellery

Now It’s Your Turn

If you suffer from Essential Tremor, know someone who does or just want to add your voice to the conversation I invite you to leave a comment below. My aim with this website is to build a solid base of information to help educate the world on cannabis. To help me in that mission I need your help. So have your say below, let us know if CBD Oil worked for you or anything else you think might be relevant to others doing research.