Cannadiol CBD Oil Review 2020

As CBD becomes more and more popular, so too does the market grow with new companies that create their own CBD products. Now there are so many different options available that it is really hard to choose the right company to rely on. When you buy a CBD product, you want to be sure that you get the highest quality available for the money you are paying. It is very important that the company is transparent about the ingredients it uses, provide great customer service, so that in case you have any problems with the product it is easy to reach the company.

Cannadiol, owned by health and body co Saint Bibiana & Company , provides high-quality CBD products via their website . There are currently three CBD products available right now, which are: Botanical Select Hemp Oil, HEAT – Hemp Emu Active Therapy and Phyto Health Hemp Oil. Saint Bibiana & Company believes that empowering individuals and giving them the ability to be in charge of their own health and wellness: by offering an effective supplement to proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and routine medical care, is very important.

About Cannadiol

Cannadiol’s mission is to improve the quality of life of their customers and even their families by offering the highest quality supplements and body-care products, as well as world-class customer service. What makes Saint Bibiana & Company stand out on the market is their quality and transparency. They publish all of the results of their lab testing to prove that every batch is tested by a third party lab (SC Labs) and available for people to check if they need. Moreover, all batches of the company’s edible products are not only tested, but every box of products is batch-numbered. This way you can see the test results of the particular batch. This company is not only claims their quality and safety, but also takes extra steps in order to prove that.

The other part of this company’s mission is to foster a growing awareness and understanding of hemp-based supplements through educational public dialogue both online and offline. Saint Bibiana & Company hopes that benefits of the hemp-based products will be more accessible to everyone. Its values are moral integrity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Are Cannadiol’s products good quality?

Cannadiol’s products are very good quality products, according to the reviews available online. The main pros that are being highlighted in the reviews are that the products are non-GMO, extracted with CO2 in order to achieve better quality. However, the price tag is a little bit too high, in comparison with similar products on the market. Cannadiol still has some positive reviews from the clients about their outstanding customer service, purity and strength. So from that, it seems that this company’s products are good quality.

Inside Cannadiol’s products

Let’s take a closer look at the Cannadiol’s products. Unfortunately, they are currently not available for purchase directly from the website, however, the chances are that you can find these products somewhere else online.

Botanical Select
This is a decarboxylated (active) & filtered hemp extract. It is an exceptionally “clean-tasting” and nutrient-dense source of hemp-based cannabinoids. This product has a smooth gel consistency. The colour of the gel is yellow-gold, which occurs from hemp carotenoids. Vacuum filtration of the raw oil for this product removes much of the larger fractions of plant material and creates a “cleaner” oil and more user-friendly experience. It is also non-psychoactive, which means that you will not get that ‘high’ effect that you get, when take THC. It also goes through supercritical CO2 extraction, which means that there is no chemical residue, just premium hemp phytonutrients suspended in the hemp plant’s natural oils. The price for this Botanical Select extract if $124 for 3 grams. This product is vegan and kosher.

Phyto Health
Cannadiol Phyto Health Hemp Oil is an extra-rich and decarboxylated (active) hemp extract providing a wide spectrum of positive health effects on the human body. Extracted with CO2, as all of the company’s products. This shows that there is no chemical residue. This Phytonutrient Health Oil is not filtered and has the hemp plant’s natural phytochemical profile. It has a distinct texture with a thick gel-like consistency, and rich green colour. The product is not psychoactive and will not give you ‘high’ effect. The price for this product is $74 and for this you will get 3 grams of an extra-rich hemp extract.

Heat Balm
HEAT – Hemp Emu Active Therapy is all-natural topical relief that is formulated to provide relief to your daily aches and pains. This balm can be used to aid the relief of a wide variety of soft-tissue maladies. It can be used before physical activity or exercise in order to warm-up still joints and muscles. The price of this balm is $29 for which you will get 30ml of the product. Despite its cost, superior quality emu oil is the first ingredient in Cannadiol® HEAT. Emu oil was commonly used among native Australians and now a growing body of modern medical, and anecdotal evidence confirms its unparalleled value as a topical anti-inflammatory agent.

All of Cannadiol’s products are lab-tested for quality-control, made with non-GMO industrial hemp, and are 50-state legal. They are also all natural, kosher, pesticide-free, herbicide-free and chemical fertilizer-free.

Cannadiol’s shipping and returns policy

It is good to know that all purchases of Cannadiol’s products is fulfilled via order fulfillment services. This is a very popular shipping service, which is also used by many e-commerce websites, including,, Rakuten. All purchases are subjects to shipping rates, which are detailed at point of purchase. Shipwire’s automatic fulfilment system determines all of the delivery schedules. Standard shipping can be expected in 3 to 5 business day and guaranteed in 7 to 14 days. There is also 2 nd day shipping option available, where it’s guaranteed to deliver your product within 2 days if it’s ordered before 3PM Eastern Time. But you need to remember that this option excludes weekends; Saturday delivery is not available; 2nd Day Shipping available in Contiguous U.S. only and not available in some locations.

Does Cannadiol do returns?

Cannadiol does not offer refunds or exchanges for the products that arrive to the buyer in a good condition. In case of damaged product, it may be returned at the company’s expense in exchange for the same or similar product providing that acknowledgement of receipt of damaged product was made within 24 hours of the delivery of the purchase. You should check your package for damage upon its arrival and refuse any damaged packages. You should contact the company immediately if your purchase is damaged. You should also take into consideration that the company can not be held liable for meeting all of the customer’s expectations regarding the products or for claims made on company’s website or by third parties relation to the products or any similar products.

Should you buy Cannadiol CBD?

As from my observations and little research, this company definitely provides good quality hemp products. Moreover, it provides great customer service, which is one of its key values. Other than that, what caught my attention was their great mission and formulation of values, which I think is very important. On the website, Cannadiol even states that their customer service is “People before profit”, which can not be respected from the customer point. If you have any concerns or comments, you can easily contact the company via form on their website or email, which can be found on their website. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of their products, but in my opinion, the products Cannadiol offers are definitely worth trying.

The one issue that I find with this company is the price of their products. But, the good thing is that this company provides several price options. You can get HEAT cream, which is only $29, which is a very affordable price for the cream, which you will use for at least several months. Of course, the final decision is by you, but I think, this company is worth your attention.

If you need good quality balm with CBD or CBD extract, this might be the right choice for you. Of course, it would be great if this company had more than three products, as I think, Cannadiol has a great potential to become one of the leading companies that produce CBD products on the market.

Now it’s your turn

If you have any relevant experience or thoughts regarding this company, please free to share them in the comments! Your feedback will be very appreciated! We want to create a free platform for thoughts and exchange of experience, where people can get educated on topics related to CBD. We believe, it will help them to form their own opinions on CBD and helps them to make their decisions if they want to try CBD or products, which contain CBD.